Blackmart Apk v1.1.4 – Free Download and Install APK Like TutuApp

Blackmart Apk: Android is one of the most widely used operating systems. Almost half the world use Android based devices and smart phones. Google has done a great job by developing Android and distribution of it as freeware has pulled up its use. As a result, there are many developers who opt to design and develop applications native to Android. Google has simplified this process largely by providing integrated development environments like Android studio. Additional resources like ‘Firebase’ and ‘Intellij’ has further enhanced the cause. There is a huge community dedicated to enriching the experience and helping with any troubles.

Blackmart Apk v1.1.4

All the android apps are hosted on Google play store, which is a market per se. There are certain conditions to be satisfied by the app and by the developer for his application to be available on Google play store. There is a careful screening process of Google that has to be passed by the application. There are factors like user permissions, data collection and harmful software’s that are considered in this test. Though there are millions of applications that make it to the play store, some of the application are not officially released on the play store. These apps land on the Blackmart. Download Blackmart APK and get access to thousands of apps which you never knew about.

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Blackmart Apk and It’s Important Features:

  • Google play store has thousands of apps and games available on the store, while Blackmart has less options to choose from.
  • There are several tests to be passed by the app, before it lands on Google play store. Blackmart has different process for the developer to follow, and it consists of very less screening processes.
  • Many of the apps and games provided on the Google play store are not free. You need to pay before you can use the app. All the apps on Blackmart are free for a cost; some for a premium period of time.
  • Using the Google play store, requires you to have an active Google account and accordingly, some necessary information. This step is completely omitted by the Blackmart. You can use Blackmart app without any account, registration of verification.
  • The applications and games on Google play store may have additional purchases for locked items in the product, as per designed by the developer. Blackmart provides cracked games and unlocked versions of the applications which might not be legal.

How to Download and Install Blackmart Apk:

You cannot, obviously download and install this Blackmart from Google play store, because Google has not allowed the app on play store. But there are several websites which will provide you the Blackmart APK. Downloading and installing this APK in your android device will provide you an alternative to Google play store, and have the APK files of many android applications, which are free for download.

Some web portals like ‘’ is hosted specially for the Blackmart applications. They provide free downloads for different versions of the app. They have the alpha and beta testing versions of the application as well. There are several mirror sites and they use proxy networks to function.

The Blackmart APK occupies hardly 10 megabytes of space. Download the file and install it on your android device. The installation process will require some time and once install you can use the application easily. The application looks similar to Google play store and has intuitive controls.

Using Google play store will give you access to millions of apps, but there are many paid apps. Blackmart provides those apps for free, which are paid on play store. These premium apps and games are cracked and jail – broken versions of the same app. Blackmart is usually used to try out the premium apps, which might give you a fair idea of the app.


However, since there are no restrictions on the apps to be published on the Blackmart, there are several threats and harmful apps on the market. Even downloading the Blackmart APK might sometimes expose you to cyber-attacks. There are several applications which are termed as harmful and illegal by the play store, which are available freely on the Blackmart.

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