9 Best TutuApp Alternatives – Apps Similar to Tutuapp iOS/iPhone

Tutuapp Alternative: Hi friend, welcome to our website. Before moving towards an article I am sharing some information about TutuApp which will help you to know more about tutuapp and alternative app for TutuApp. TutuApp is one of the most popular app stores for ios user on ipad and iphone. Millions of users used TutuTpp in the world. Many applications launched day by day. Mobile phones are not only used for communication purpose. Our cell phone acts like music player and workstation etc. many attractive applications are available in play store like game app, shopping app,music app.

These applications are available in playstore free apps and some of them are paid apps. Tutuapp provides ios users to download free paid apps without need jailbreaking. If you like to have free apps instead of paid apps then you are in right page. Here in this post we are telling about alternate app for TutuApp.

Many alternate applications are available for TutuApp that offers similar or better feature. We can’t tell about all the alternative apps like TutuApp. Here in this post we are shortlisted 9 best TutuApp alternative apps on ios users.

Best Tutu Alternative Apps:

TutuApp store is same as google play store .google play store provide all the application but the only problem is many of the application are paid apps. So the user wants to the alternative apps to free apps instead of paid apps. TutuApp store provide free apps instead of paid apps. Tutuapp alternative apps are similar or better feature of TutuApp.

Blackmart alpha

Blackmart alpha is one of the best alternative app for TutuApp. The blackmart alpha is used to download all apps for free. It is free app so no need to pay any amount. You can download it on your pc. it support both ios and android is easy to download just one click and you can download any application which is not available on google play stores.


If you search TutuApp alternative for iphone or android then vshare is the best choice. Vshare is the one of the best third party app for ios and android. It can be download both jailbreak or without jailbreak. Vshareis easy t download and install on your ios device through vshare helper. Vshare helper is used to get vshare on your ios device. It’s support on both ios and android device.

How to install vshare.

  • Open safari browser on your iphone.
  • Go to and download regular version of vshare.
  • After installing vshare app store. You need to make a vshare app trusted setting.
  • Go to setting>general>device management

Now you can download the apps and games you want,

Mobo Genie:

It is a one of the most popular and recommendation app in market. It is act as hub for download all application and is the best alternative for TutuApp. You cannot download directly in app store.

It is very simple to use and available for both android and ios. Mobogenieis a classic play-store alternative for tutuapp. You can download all apps from mobo genie instead of unable to get google play-store.


Aptoide is one of the best tutuapp alternative and ultimate app stores for android users. You can download lot of apps which are not available on google play store.Many amazing apps are available on aptoide app store which has made this app store best one and you can download paid apps for free. If you want to download paid apps for free without going through google play-store, then aptoide is a good solution for you. It is very easy to download and installed directly. aptoide is more than  stores  Any user can create a own app store for different categories.


It is one of the third party app is similar to above apps like alternative app for tutuapp. 9apps store does not available in google play store so you download and installed separately from your phone. There are thousands of apps and games available in 9apps for free, also it is very small size package. Once you installed this app it will suggest you some best application for your device.


25pp is a chines TutuApp alternative helper. It does not being completely in English but easy to use for everyone. It is more attractive app in market. 25pp is similar to above apps for getting download paid apps and games for free.its available on both android and ios .without jailbreaking you can installed on ios device


Muzhiwan is an app used to download android apps and games for free. It is faster then any other app in market. Most of games apps available on googleplaystore with some limitation so the user select this app. In this app many application and cracked games can download without any limitation.


Getapk is one of the third party applications to get apps and games for free. All application available on free in getapk. It is also alternative app for TutuApp. Android users know about google play-store. Many applications available on google play store with some limitation but in getapk app store you can download ultimate music and games on your android device for free.


Appv is one of the best third party app stores which used to getting download and installed paid apps and games which are not available for google play-store.This app works on android, ios, and windows. It updates game and apps every time so you can easily search any apps to download and installed.

Final Words

From above article completely you know about TutuApp and alternative app for TutuApp. TutuApp is the best alternative app for google play store. The android and ios user can use this app and download any apps and games without even paying for premium apps. The user wants to get new attractive applications for free then the TutuApp alternative is the best choice. As the above detailed if someone looks other altrnative apps like TutuApp, this article is very useful to us.

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