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Bringing Buckinghamshire Together

Room to Breathe

Nestled in the district of Buckinghamshire lies the sleepy, quaint town of Aspley Guise. Not too far, just around 50 miles north-west of London, but a thousand miles away concerning its ethos and way of life. Aspley Guise is a historically rich and vibrant area with many points of significance and interest. This includes the 475.7 acre stretch of woodland known as the Aspley Woods, which houses many beautiful walks, as well as tranquil, picturesque landscapes and spectacular views of the surrounding Milton Keynes and Woburn Abbey. As well as having many areas of great natural beauty and significance, Aspley Guise also houses all of the contemporary amenities that one may expect to find within a 21st century dwelling of over 2,000 people. Some of these include award-winning restaurants, cafes and bars – as well as some of the most respected dental practitioners across the country. For those who are seeking braces in Milton Keynes, they can rest assured that their needs will be met with the highest standard of excellence, professionalism and care.

Pulling people closer

One of the most popular procedures carried out within the area of Milton Keynes is the installation of braces and other forms of orthodontic aligners. These are used as a method of realigning a patient’s teeth to their correct specifications and providing them with a straighter and more natural looking smile. Patients – particularly those of a younger generation – often find that suffering from an overbite or misaligned teeth, can have a massively detrimental effect on their social lives, and it is for this reason that many seek orthodontic treatments such as braces. Conventional, fused braces, which are sometimes referred to as ‘train-tracks’, consist of a small metal bracket being attached to the front of a patient’s teeth, and a wire connecting them. Over time, the wire gradually pulls a patient’s teeth together and results in their teeth being straighter. Lingual braces are also available from practices within the Milton Keynes area. These are similar to conventional braces, however the brackets are attached to the backs of a patient’s teeth, so that when worn the brace is practically invisible. This method of treatment is particularly popular among young adults and teenagers as it affords them the ability to undertake essential dental realignment, without attracting any unwanted scrutiny or attention from their peers or colleagues.

Serving the community

Dental practitioners within Aspley Guise, in the county of Milton Keynes are some of the most highly sought after and esteemed in their fields. It is the belief of many practices within the area that the individual needs and requirements of each patient ought to be at the forefront of every service they provide – and it is this somewhat holistic approach to dentistry which has helped the area gain such respect within the local community. Rather than simply opt for the one-size-fits-all approach to dentistry, which has become all too common in practices across the country, dentists in Milton Keynes pride themselves on catering each procedure to fit the specific requirements and challenges that are presented by each patient. Part of what makes this process so successful are the efforts that dental practitioners here make to get to know patients on a personal level in order that a truly formative and mutually advantageous dental experience can come to pass.

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