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Maintaining that New Smile

After a teeth straightening treatment has been completed using clear aligners, many patients do not realise that they will need to wear a retainer for a period of time in order to maintain this smile.

Teeth will gradually shift back into their original position if left without appropriate support. This is because the ligaments that allow teeth to move act just like rubber bands do. In the first few years after wearing a brace, they will naturally want to snap back so it is important that a person has appropriate after care should they wish to retain their investment.

Crooked teeth will generally only get worse over time. Teeth are constantly moving and if adults are hoping that their misaligned teeth will space out over time, perhaps when a tooth is lost or the such, then they are sorely mistaken.

The only way a person can straighten their teeth is by using a professionally made device such as this one by Clear Braces Direct in London.

This treatment plan is unique as it allows patients to enjoy freedom with how they approach straightening their teeth. They simply need to check that they are suitable for this treatment with the free online eligibility test and to have a scan with a relevant dental practice.

Results from the scan and a proposed treatment plan are delivered to the patient’s door, allowing them to look over the findings in their own time. Should they agree to the treatment plan, their aligners will be delivered to their door as well and they can begin the treatment process.

Ongoing support and care is offered through a series of modern means and patients can monitor their process with an insightful app.

What happens at the end of the treatment?

It is important to understand that once the aligner treatment is complete, patients should commit to wearing a retainer for a predetermined amount of time in order to maintain that perfect smile.

A retainer for life program is established within this practice which provides peace of mind for the patient should they lose or break their retainer. They are also sent a new one, along with benefiting from 4 monthly scans to monitor the retention to ensure that it is on track.

Just as important as the actual manipulation of the position of the teeth, retention will ensure that the patient can protect their investment in time and money and keep that smile that they worked so hard to achieve for life.

Each retention program is different, some patients needing to wear their retainer full time as they did with their aligners and other patients need only wear them for a few days a week.

The longer the retainer is worn for, the more that the patient and dentist can feel assured knowing that the teeth are held into the correct position. It is of course a little more relaxed than the alignment treatment itself, so should a patient forget their retainer on a weekend away, they do not have to be overly concerned.

This is a simple way in making sure that patients can enjoy the lifelong benefits of straightening their teeth.

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