Car Insurance: How Dire Are Your Personal Ratings?

A brief moment of carelessness and it’s already happened. Even experienced road users are not safe from accidents. Сar insurance is therefore mandatory in North America. To get a closer look at the various offers, we have summarized useful information here.

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Car insurance is there for you when it crashes. It comes in handy in case of property damage or personal injury. As part of your car insurance, an expert checks to what extent you are responsible for the accident.

Another car insurance is occupant accident insurance. It protects you and other passengers by paying for personal injury. You can also supplement your motor insurance with a letter of protection. Then you get help in the event of a breakdown, an accident or theft, and other emergencies. By the way, with the most comprehensive insurance policies, you can reduce your contribution amount:

  • Liability Insurance. The classic liability insurance exists in the US, it has only a fairly low coverage (usually a few thousand dollars), which also differs from state to state. On the lease, liability insurance is usually abbreviated to SLI. Foreign tourists are strongly advised to take out additional liability insurance with increased coverage.
  • Additional Liability Insurance. This additional liability increases the coverage amount in the event of a claim and is usually found on the lease under the name ALI. Usually, this covers damage to others (people and property) up to $ 1,000,000.
  • Cascade & Theft Protection. The comprehensive insurance covers damage caused to the rental car and for which no one else is liable. You will find this service under the abbreviation CDW or LDW. Under certain circumstances, you are liable for self-inflicted damage to the vehicle with a deductible (please refer to the rental conditions of the booked offer).
  • Insurance against underinsured accident opponents. In the US, a road user may cause the accident, is uninsured or underinsured, and can not pay for the damage you have suffered. In that case, you will be left with the cost, unless you have taken out insurance against underinsured accident opponents.

The above insurance benefits are usually included if you book your rental car directly on-site or on an American car rental portal on the Internet (you can also check this gap insurance refund policy). Please make sure that the offer contains sufficient insurance protection. All drivers in the policy must be mentioned by name. Consequently, insurance can not be canceled until the insurance number is given. To allow a vehicle to be used on the road, you must show proof of insurance at the registration office. This also applies to bikers who have to show motorcycle insurance.


To be relaxed with your car, you should not rely solely on statutory car insurance. Combine your car insurance, therefore, best with partial or full insurance. The same applies to two-wheelers: The motorcycle insurance can be extended to comprehensive insurance for motorcycles.

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