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Often, we can all feel self-conscious about the way we look. It is evident that we are living in an increasingly image focused society, with the rise of the Instagram-age and an increased focus and importance being placed on how each of us look. Whilst we may all sometimes feel despondent about the way we look, and have at least one thing they would change about themselves if we could – our smiles need not to be one of them. The recent trend towards our outward appearance has evoked a great number of people to seek out the aid of a reliable and trustworthy dentist in Harley Street, to unlock the true potential and beauty of their smiles and shine like they ought to. 

Cosmetic whitening

Whilst just a few years ago, a visit to the dental chair wasn’t something that a great many people looked forwards to, today it appears that the perceptions and receptions of the dental office has completely changed as more and more people are beginning to realise how their smiles could benefit from the services of a skilled, professional cosmetic dentist. One of the most highly demanded methods of cosmetic dentistry across the board is teeth whitening. This is a process which allows patients to achieve a brighter and more healthy looking smile, in often as little time as an hour.  The reason that so many people are seeking out cosmetic whitening is not generally due to poor dental habits resulting in the need to whitening their teeth, but rather down to natural causes resulting in the outermost layer of their teeth – or enamel – becoming dulled or more yellowed. Regardless of how well or how often you brush your teeth, as you age the enamel generally fades and greys. This can be a great cause of anxiety and embarrassment for many, and spur a number of people to seek out cosmetic whitening. There are typically two methods of cosmetic whitening which are offered by cosmetic dentists such as those who operate on Harley Street. These are ‘in-practice whitening’ and ‘home whitening’. The first of these, as you’ve probably derived is carried out within the dental chair and involved the application of a thin layer of a specialised, peroxide-based bleaching gel directly to the front of the patient’s teeth. This gel is sometimes activated by applying a UV light to the patient’s teeth, and can achieve whiter, brighter teeth in as little as an hour. Home whitening operates within a similar capacity, however it involves the patient applying the gel to a custom-made retainer, which they wear periodically over the course of a few weeks. 

White fillings

Another, greatly popular cosmetic dentistry procedure is the installation of white, or composite, fillings. These are similar to your common, metal amalgam fillings, although white. Fillings are a common dental procedure that each adult will probably have to undergo at some point or other. NHS fillings are made from a metal amalgam which consists of a combination of metals, such as mercury, silver, tin and zinc.  While these are perfectly effective, they are often easily detectable within the mouth. As such a great number of patient’s are increasingly seeking out white fillings, which are just as effective as conventional fillings, but are also specifically made to match the pigment of the patient’s surrounding teeth, so when they are installed they are almost completely undetectable.

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