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Heard that invisible Braces are Uncomfortable?

The Top Five Myths about Adult Aligners Debunked

Myths and old wives’ tales have been a common part of many cultures, and can offer some interesting historical insights into things such as pregnancy or how to remove bubblegum from hair.

However, in modern times, the internet has provided a portal that has allowed information to become globally accessible, while allowing mistruths to become easy to refute online.  In the medical profession, no other area is surrounded by myths as much as dentistry, meaning that all you have to do is type the name of any dental treatment into a search engine, and you will find innumerable myths and falsehoods about it.  Far from reassuring!

Of course, it is often the more popular or modern dental procedures that attract such attention, and beneficial treatments like Invisalign in Hertfordshire are not helping as many people as they could.

But what are the truths behind the myths surrounding Invisalign in Hertfordshire?

Myth one. It is more expensive than traditional braces

The initial price tag of Invisalign in Hertfordshire can look daunting to many dental patients.

However, the price is very similar to traditional brace. Traditional braces is likely to take longer, will require more dental visits and will be harder to maintain, and overall, it will be more expensive.

Many dental surgeries offer payment plans for their invisible braces, so discuss this with your dentist to see if they are affordable on your budget.

Myth two. It stains too easily

As treatment with invisible braces involves multiple aligners that require changing every week, your aligner should not have the opportunity to stain.

However, to prevent staining, you should brush your aligner with toothpaste and water each day and ensure that your teeth are clean before putting the aligner back into your mouth.

Myth three. It gives you a lisp

Okay, so this myth does have some truth to it but it is not an issue confined to this brace.

Many orthodontic braces and aligners can have a temporary impact on speech patterns and inflections.  However, in many cases, this effect only lasts a few days and as the treatment progresses it should disappear altogether. Due to the aligner being 3D printed and not covering the palate this is much less of an issue.

If you are concerned that you are not adapting to your invisible brace and are having extensive issues with your speech, contact your dentist as soon as possible for a refit of the device.

Myth four. It can only help minor misalignment

If you have extreme or complicated misalignment’s, then it is best to check if the invisible brace will be able to help. As it can treat protrusions, crowded or spaced teeth, and issues with asymmetry, so it is worth consulting your dentist about whether it would be beneficial to you.

Myth five.  I can get it online for cheaper

There are much cheaper, copy-cat brands available online but in order for any invisible brace to work, you will need to see a trained dentist, who can assess your teeth and provide you with a clinical treatment plan and correctly monitor your treatment.

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