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Don’t Put Your Home at Risk, Get to Know Your Local Locksmith

Most people don’t even think about a locksmith until they are locked out of their home, office, or car. Then, a locksmith becomes the most valuable person in the world!

According to AAA, over 16,000 home and car lockouts occur every day in the U.S. Of those $4 million are car lockouts. While more vehicles and homes/businesses have keyless entry, the problem still exists.

Locksmiths do More than Open Doors:

While many people think of locksmiths as their go-to resource when locked out, they provide many other services. Those that receive certifications for ASSA, Medeco, or Primas are in great demand.

Skills of a Locksmith:

According to Zipia.com, here are just some of the services that locksmiths perform:

  • CCTV installation and service.
  • Remove and repair damaged or vandalize mailboxes.
  • Identify, troubleshoot, and fix building manager complaints.
  • Suggest what type of deadbolts and doorknobs are best for the customer.
  • Install new mailboxes as directed by USPS.
  • Re-key or reinstall deadbolts and doorknobs.
  • Work on combination locks
  • Supervise and/or train subcontractors.
  • Experience working with wood, metal, piping, and HVAC systems.
  • Provide roadside assistance to customers locked out of their vehicles.
  • Provide customers with emergency and non-emergency lock picking services which include replacing lock combinations and keys.
  • Perform residential, commercial, and auto locksmith services.
  • Readjust all ADT equipment, repair or replace devices when needed.
  • Replace locks after a robbery or break-in.

Robberies and Vandalism:

Forbes reports that a study conducted in 2017 by the Department of Justice found there were over 1.7 million burglaries in the U.S. that year. Of the 1.7 million home burglaries, 424,886 took place during the day between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Here are some staggering statistics:

  • 75% of all homeowners do not have a home security system in place.
  • Alaska has the most property-related crimes.
  • 75% of all homes in the U.S. will be burglarized within the next 20 years.
  • 51% of home burglaries are repeated within six weeks.
  • 65% of those burglarized know the burglar.

It is worrisome that burglars often return to a residence they previously robbed. This happens after the owners have received insurance money and replaced items that were originally stolen.

Those that have been burglarized, should call the police, then call a reliable locksmith. All door locks should be replaced immediately to prevent re-entry.

Feel Secure at Home and Work:

Whether at home or work, there is no better feeling than having your environment protected. Having a local locksmith on speed dial is a smart idea. Every area has several locksmiths, those looking for Locksmith Denver area just need to do their research to find a reliable locksmith to help them feel safe no matter where they are.

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