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These Feng Shui Bedroom Design Tips Could Help You Sleep Better

Enjoying deep, restorative sleep is essential to our quality of life and our health. But the hassles of everyday life sometimes prevent you from escaping from reality and falling asleep peacefully. So what is the solution ? Invite harmony into your home and let a beneficial energy circulate there in order to find your inner balance and have sweet dreams! And yes, you have guessed correctly that it is the thousand-year-old Chinese art that will help you maintain your physical and mental health as well as possible! Here are our Feng Shui bedroom design tips that will guarantee you peaceful sleep.

The Feng Shui Bedroom: A Peaceful Environment That Promotes Sleep And Recovery

A Feng Shui bedroom is a peaceful environment that promotes sleep and recovery. Contrary to popular belief, this millennial art is neither a Chinese interior design concept nor a collection of precepts. It’s also not something we do, it’s something that is everywhere and affects us in ways that we may not realize.

You probably know the great principle on which Feng Shui is based: the fluid and balanced circulation of good energies within the place of life or work. This is crucial because an energy imbalance can affect our health, relationships, love life, and finances.

In this order of ideas, by optimizing the layout and decoration, we bring harmony to our habitat and to our entire life.

The Feng Shui Bedroom: The Golden Rules To Follow

The correct arrangement of furniture and accessories is at the heart of creating a Feng Shui bedroom. Imagine that each piece is sectioned into three volumes (like the game of crabs) by invisible lines representing the energies.

These lines can be seen as invisible beams that could cause health problems in the area of ​​the body where they intersect. If there’s one rule of thumb when it comes to Feng Shui bedroom design, it’s to avoid spaces with exposed beams. But if your room already has a few, just be sure to move furniture away from them.

Keeping the bedroom clutter-free is also essential for good Feng Shui. Even if all the furniture is placed in the right place, disorder is prohibited because it disrupts the flow of energy.

Make sure everything is tidy and nothing is piled up around the bed. So forget the pile of dirty clothes or shoes so as not to compromise the harmony in the room.

The Right Place For The Bed Is Another Key To The Feng Shui Bedroom

A good general rule is to make sure your headboard is leaning against a solid wall, ideally not under a window. Such a placement aims to reduce the movement of the Who or energy above your head, so that you can enjoy a good, restful sleep.

If for some reason your bed cannot be placed against a wall, it is advisable to keep the door closed or slightly ajar when lying in bed.

The choice of bed is also among the aspects of major importance. A solid wood frame or even a well padded headboard work perfectly in the Feng Shui bedroom.

Storage beds and box spring models should be avoided. It is not recommended to rely on a headboard with several elements (panels, paneling, etc.), open shelves or integrated storage.

What Colors Should Be Favored In A Feng Shui Bedroom?

The rule here is to avoid primary colors, especially reds, blues, purples and black. It is believed that these could trigger problems related to the energies of space.

If you’re planning to redecorate your bedroom, consider furniture, accessories, and bedding in neutral colors. If it’s just one element of the room that you can change, choose the bedding. Opt for soothing neutral tones, such as taupe, cream, muted shades of blue and pink. It is not easy to do all this by yourself. You can hire a professional bedroom interior designer to help you redesign your bedroom and have a peaceful environment . 

What Does Feng Shui Say About Mirrors In The Bedroom?

While the vast majority of people like to keep one or more mirrors in the bedroom, Feng Shui rules are against it. Mirrors reflect light which makes the energies in the room very dynamic or yang. This delays falling asleep, as the mind waits for the energies in the bedroom to become more still or yin.

Another negative consequence of mirrors in the bedroom is that depending on your date of birth and gender, they can activate the so-called “lonely pillow” direction. This could affect your relationships, prevent them from progressing or even thwart any attempt to live as a couple.

How To Balance The Energies In A Feng Shui Room?

When talking about the layout and decoration of a Feng Shui room, it is essential to ensure the balance of energies. In addition to respecting the rules concerning the position of the bed, the location of the rest of the furniture and the choice of colors, there is still an element of major importance. You are wrong to believe that decorative accessories have no place in the room. Quite the contrary! The five elements (or even the five movements): Wood, Fire, Metal, Water and Earth can inspire the choice of decorative objects that will complete the rendering.

Of course, it is not necessary to have a representative in each room of the house! For the Wood element, add a few pots of green plants; for Water – bet on a small indoor fountain or an aquarium; for Fire: create a decoration inspired by the colors of fire; for the Earth: a miniature Zen garden; for Metal: a small metal statuette.

A Feng Shui Room To Find Love

Failure to follow Feng Shui rules regarding the layout of your bedroom could hamper your love life. As already explained, it is essential to keep the room clean and tidy. It is very important not to leave anything on the ground, as well as not to allow dust and cobwebs to settle or accumulate.

Disorder prevents good energies from flowing while attracting unfavorable energies. The bedroom should be pleasant and welcoming, so cluttering it with too many decorative objects is absolutely inadvisable. Ventilate the space and modify the energies by using a bell (to drive away bad thoughts) or a pleasant perfume (a real invitation to love).

Each decorative object must go in pairs: two identical pillows, two bed rugs, two tables and two bedside lamps. Empty vases and any other element reminiscent of loneliness have no place here.

What Are The Objects To Eliminate?

According to the principles of Feng Shui, we must get rid of certain objects that we tend to place there more and more. Television is the first element to banish. Even when the device is switched off, it continues to emit electromagnetic waves which disturb sleep.

Ditto for the computer or the telephone that you must in no case bring into the room. Admittedly, the mirror is a particularly useful accessory, but Feng Shui recommends avoiding placing it in the bedroom. It gives off negative energy that disturbs sleep.

Be Strategic With Artwork

The photos and images that you choose to decorate your room are in direct correlation to the energy that you bring into your life. Avoid colorful street scenes and prefer a quiet, romantic image instead. It is also wise to avoid the “3-part table” which can make you think of a third party in the relationship.

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