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Are You a New Homeowner? 10 Best Interior Design Apps You Can Try

What is more exciting than purchasing a home? Decorating. Interior design is a great idea to spruce up your new apartment. Here are some popular apps that will help you on this thrilling interior design journey.


This is one popular app and for good reasons. You can quickly go through the thousands of pictures posted there and save them on your board. It is easy to use when you are not hiring a professional. Many DIY projects can inspire you to make your ornaments and decor pieces.


Rendering 3D images is easy, and you can view how basic designs will look in your space. You can choose from the furniture photos uploaded by other users and virtually fit the room you’re looking to decorate. After finding an item of choice, you can easily purchase it from the app.

Planner 5D

Do you want interior decor that looks like it was done by a professional? Planner 5D is your best bet. This app will help you understand what floor plans you want and the best way to execute said designs.


This is a haven for all vintage designs lovers. You can view many designs for those fancy interior French doors for a rustic look. A scroll through the many aged designs will give you a better perspective of what to get and pair different items for maximum effect. The rare furniture pieces are also easier to find from the Schumacher app.


The name of this app speaks for itself and is accessible on android and ios. There are a million designs to look at for inspiration, and you can even use the 3D feature to see how a particular room will look with the decor you choose. Houzz is also helpful when purchasing items or hiring a professional interior designer. It is easy to use and a great fit when starting on your interior decorations.

Room Planner by IKEA

There is now an app that makes it easier to plan out your room to reduce clutter and unnecessary items. This realistic app helps you create a smooth flow throughout a room by trying on different furnishings. A fantastic peaceful ambiance is what makes excellent interior design.

Sun Seeker App

The amount of sun a room gets can be both a pro and a con. As too much sun can damage valuable and sometimes irreplaceable art pieces, it is best to know the path with little to no sun exposure in a room. This app maps out the sun’s direction at different times of the day. This information is quite helpful for finding the best spot for your plant and decorating a dimly lit room and gives you value for money.


Sometimes as you decorate, you may find that you’ve bitten off more than you can chew. Fear not, as Havenly is here for the saving. The app affords you the luxury of getting interior decor advice and pointers from qualified professionals. 

Simply upload your preferences for a room, and a designer best suited to your taste will help you out at a reasonable price. Havenly is a cheaper option for professional interior designs.

Photo Measures

Inspiration can strike at any moment, and you may find furniture or decor you want when you are least prepared. The biggest question is whether that couch will fit in your living room or not. Unless you have a tape measure with you, there is no way of knowing this. With the Photo Measures app, you instantly take a photo of the item and get the correct measurements.


If you are in the market for some gorgeous pre-loved decor pieces, Chairish needs to be on top of your list. Brand items in good conditions are easy to find here. The company takes care of the quality check, pricing, and delivery of the items, so you and the buyer never have contact.

Decorating your house can be rewarding and more accessible when using these apps. The apps listed above help you work better with your interior designer as they help translate your thoughts and idea into photos that are easier to understand.

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