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Is your Furnace Leaking Water? This is what you got to do!

Is your furnace dripping water? Tired of cleaning the floors again and again? I guess it’s time to solve that pending issue. Furnace leaking water are one among the common issues that we have dealt with, and the solutions are easy depending on how early you report it!

You can schedule your furnace maintenance today and get a custom quote from us. One of our technicians will get to your issue and solve it as soon as possible.

Although all your issues can be solved with a technician, there’s no harm in knowing a little about your home furnace and the possible ways to deal a furnace leaking water unit.

What Is a Furnace Used For?

Furnace is a machine used for high temperature heating, and the name is derived from the Latin word ‘Fornax’ which means oven.

Now, the furnace can be used for different scenarios, for example;

In the American or the Canadian form of language, a furnace refers to a central heating system used for the household uses. On the other hand, in the British language furnace is used in the industrial terms, the high heat is used for extracting metal from ore (which is known as smelting). Our focus is the centralized home heating system here!

Different Types of Furnaces in The Market

There is a vast class of furnace systems that you can consider for the home heating purpose, and they can be listed as below:

  • Central heating furnace
  • Floor, wall or the pipelessfurnace
  • Heating pumps
  • Steaming/Hot-water systems 
  • Room heating setup that runs on kerosene, oil, or gas
  • Fireplace system
  • Portable heaters

It’s important to know the type of the furnace you have and follow the suitable steps for the maintenance. 

Why Is the Furnace Dripping Water?

Common reasons for furnace leaking water are given below:

1) Condensation Process

There could be different reasons on why your furnace is leaking, but the most common one is the ‘condensation leak’.

The condensation leak is found in the high-efficiency furnaces.

If the AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) rating is 90 percent or above, then this means you have a cool exhaust connection that produces the condensation. Next step is to look at the vent pipe- is it the white plastic PVC pipe? If yes, then you have the high efficiency furnace at home.

In most of the high efficiency furnaces, the condensation output comes out through the floor drain. Therefore, the furnace leaking water could be a result of a clogged condensation pipe or a line breakage.

The furnace leak can also be caused if the floor drain is itself clogged.

Standard Efficiency Furnaces Leaks

A furnace that falls in the standard efficiency won’t have any condensation process happening in it. Furnace leaking water, in this case are possibly due to the incorrect size of pipes or improper fittings. Thus, causing the heating element to cool down and condense water through the pipe, that results in leaks.

2) Furnace Secondary Heat Exchanger

If you are completely sure that there are no condensation leaks, then it could be the secondary heat exchanger causing the leaks.

3) Plumbing Leak

Well, your furnace leaking water problem can be due to some plumbing problem instead of the furnace unit. So, it’s a great news if your furnace components are safe, yet the leaks ought to be corrected at the earliest.

4) Humidifier Leak

Yes, it could be a humidifier leak as well causing the furnace leakage. If you had done an annual maintenance check of furnace, your HVAC professional could have informed you about the issue in advance.

In case you missed out on previously, book your appointment today!

5) System Drain Clog

This one’s a bit complicated. If your furnace condensation leak is connected to your home air conditioner then it might be the internal system drain that’s sending the water to the furnace.

You won’t be able to assess such condition by yourself and contacting a reliable pro person should be your next resort.

All these points are just for assessment. To get a proper know-how on the maintenance and furnace leaking water, do get in touch with us for the complete maintenance check. Our experienced team of technicians will provide you the best solution as per the complexity of the issue.

How to Deal with a Leaking Furnace at Home or Workplace?

By now you are sure that the furnace leaking water is present at your place or friend’s place! What’s the way out?

Examine the drain tap for any clogging issue. If the taps have been unattended for a long time, it will have dirt and water collected that will eventually clog the path. Get one power vacuum and do the cleaning. Once the process is done, start the unit and see how it goes.

If the furnace doesn’t work in the right way, better to contact HVAC expert to get the job done. Are you still having the furnace leak issue? Get in touch with our team for an easy fix. And thank you for sparing your time and visiting our website. 😊

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