Graduation doesn’t have to mean University – alternative Careers to Consider

For an increasing number of people, the idea of not going to university is simply not an option. In their world view you finish school, take a gap year and then you go on to study at the tertiary level. It doesn’t matter what degree you read for or how established or reputable your university of choice is – the most important thing is that you take the journey. But is this really the wisest approach. Less than fifty years ago university was a place for the academic elite. Only those who excelled at school went there and they studied to become a professional like a lawyer, architect or doctor. Quite why this has changed is unclear and there is certainly nothing wrong with not going to university. In fact, for many universities can translate into years of student loan debt and moderate employability. Here are a few alternatives to consider instead.

Learn a trade

It is the only snobbery that keeps people away from learning a trade. It certainly isn’t money or employment prospects. A quick survey will probably show that a plumber earns more on average than a doctor in general practice. The set-up costs are less, and you are your own boss, almost from the start. And you can play to your strengths. Be it plumbing or electricians or in carpentry the list is endless. You can secure your qualifications along the way as well. For instance, a good carpenter would sit for the RPL certificate iii carpentry. So, you develop a client base, a body of work and you can develop a sound CV as well.

Do your own thing

Being an entrepreneur is one of the most rewarding things you can do – obviously if that is the way you are inclined. It takes bravery and hard work, but the rewards can be huge. Not least of all you get to work on your own time, and you answer to nobody. An entrepreneur can work in any field. You could start your own mobile disco, open a coffee shop or produce and sell fudge. It doesn’t need to start big and fancy. It just needs an idea and will power.

Play the online game 

The internet has opened so many possibilities for people that it is simply astounding. In fact, the internet offers many respectable and high paying jobs that cannot be studied for ay university. This is largely due to the fact that the internet is developing and progressing at such a rate that tertiary institutions are not able to keep up with what it needs. It is certainly highly unlikely that you could go to Oxford and get education for a degree in search engine optimization or in social media community management. Yet these are well paying and in-demand jobs.

Sport, music, and art are options

If you have an aptitude in one of the above areas, you should pursue it. So many parents will say that you should get a degree to fall back on. And in many ways, they are right. But it is also important to recognise that if you are a talented sportsperson that there is a very small window of opportunity and earning. So, you need to reach for the prize with both hands. Quite simply, if you are first going to qualify as a lawyer before looking to make it big in goal for Manchester United, it just isn’t going to happen.   

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