Four Benefits of University Study: A Short Guide

Some people consider universities to be some of the most important institutions in the world, advancing scientific knowledge and helping debates develop and conclude. Others see them as less important – places where certain types of people go in order to gain a piece of paper that they need to get a certain job. If you’re less than convinced about the benefits of attending university, this guide aims to overturn that suspicion. Below are four ways in which studying in university really can benefit anyone.

Job Opportunities

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of studying at university is that it opens up different career opportunities that you can only make use of if you have a degree. There are obvious examples of this: you can only work as a lawyer, a doctor or a nurse if you have a qualification from an accredited university. Elsewhere, a degree in journalism makes it more likely that you’ll become a journalist. Learning construction at university can help you understand a site – and one day manage one. Such courses can help you get promotions too. Nurses who transition from RN to nurse practitioner via an online degree, for instance, are more highly qualified and will thus be next in line for a promotion and higher wages.


Just like anywhere else that you spend a significant amount of time, you’re likely to make friends, acquaintances and contacts while you’re studying at university. Of course, those friends you make while you’re studying are incredibly important to you. But it’s actually the contacts you make besides your friends who could be more valuable. Some of them will go on to start companies or head up departments, and they may well be open to hiring you in the future if they feel you’re a trustworthy and professional individual. That’s another benefit to attending university.


While there is some criticism aimed at universities for the way in which they in which they foster uncertainty and call into question what we thought we knew growing up, they’re still places that are designed to foster understanding. That is the case for science degrees, which teach people how the world works, as well as humanities ones, which teach us how others feel and interpret the world. These degrees of understanding are fundamental for the fabric of our society, binding us together and helping those who graduate with a degree to feel they have more to offer the world.


There’s also an all-important enjoyment factor. If you’re on the fence about whether you should yourself go to university, it’s well worth asking others who’ve attended about their own experiences. You’ll end up regaled with hundreds of tales of fun that will entice you into university. After all, this is a place where thousands of young, excited people are gathered for at least three years – there’s going to be a lot to discover about others and about yourself in that space of time.

These four benefits are the key reasons why you should consider attending university in the future – helping you in your career and helping you make the most of your life.

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