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Having Trouble Shaving? Here Are Some Tips to Help You Out

Shaving is a task that comes at the bottom of your to-do list — well for most of us. Although this task seems simple enough – scrub some shaving cream and with some swipes of the blade get rid of any unwanted hair from your skin – the results aren’t always that welcoming.

A lot of men don’t even know the right way to shave. Growing up, most of them have to find their way around using a single-blade razor and shaving cream on their own. Naturally, without any guidance, you might end up using your teenage hood techniques to this day and haven’t gotten out of the habit to change your style of shaving.

So what’s the right way to shave to get better looking and smoother feeling skin? The answer lies in how good is your shaving technique.

Shaving Technique

If you haven’t been practicing the proper way to shave off your facial hair, you end up getting razor burns, cuts, and ingrown hair. You can spend a ton of time in the quest to achieve a smooth skin without using any effective techniques but trust us, in the end, you will end up making your shaved skin look like a lobster for DAYS and you don’t want that now, do you?

If you don’t, then read on as we offer you some simple tips on how to up your shaving game. After reading our piece, you will find that these methods can effectively enhance your shaving skill set and make your experience smooth and clean.

Prepare Your Skin for a Shave

A lot of men don’t realize the necessity of prepping your skin before a shave. Sure it’s just wetting the hair and applying a shaving cream that most men are accustomed to. However, that does not provide relief to your skin when it comes in contact with a blade.

What you really need to do is to wet your facial hair with warm water- the warm temperature opens up skins pores and gets rid of dirt and dead cells from your skin. The best time to shave is after a hot shower. That way, the steam can open up the pores from any parts of your skin that you want to shave and scrapes of any excess oils and dirt as well. Another alternative is to use facial hair oil. It provides moisture to the hair and reduces the friction when you are using a razor blade. Remember if you do not prepare your skin for a shave, then prepare for a rugged and patched shave.

Invest in Good Products

Aside from the technique, the quality of your shaving materials can also make a huge difference in how the end results of your skin look like. Don’t hesitate to stack up on proper shaving utensils as they are pretty much the only saving grace you have even without any pro shaving skills.

Stop using soap and get yourself some shaving cream — it provides lubrication which decreases the friction during a shave and avoids damaging your skin. Good quality razors can be expensive but there are some places that sell good quality razors at reasonably affordable prices. Check this link out if you want to immediately buy high-quality razors at cost-effective prices: https://beardedcolonel.co.uk/blog/gillette-fusion-razor-blades-expensive/

Be Vary of the Grain

It’s important that you go with the flow of the grain. If you aren’t familiar with the flow of your beard, it basically means shaving in the direction in which your hair is growing. The reason why people go against the grain is that it removes all facial hair from all angles and gives the illusion of a softer and smoother skin-but that façade doesn’t last forever.

Not many people are aware of this but shaving against the grain can cause a lot of skin problems- not only do you have to experience getting razor cuts and ingrown hair, but you also expose your skin to dangerous infections and possible inflammation.

How can you know you are going against the grain? Simple. If you’re meeting any resistance from the hair during a shave, that’s when you should stop and shave in the direction where the blades run smoothly against your skin.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to how well you prep your beard, the technique, and the tools you use to shave your beard. If you want the best, you will have to take matters into your own hands and focus on how you can improve your shaving skill set.

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