How Much Does A Memory Card Cost?

Memory cards are very useful to extend the memory space in the smartphone to store more photos, music files, and other media files. There are different types of memory cards available in the market. Based on the type of the card and its capacity, the pricing depends. If you want a high capacity card, you would need to spend a huge amount of money from your pockets. However, this card allows you to store a lot of memory. There are many memory card manufacturers who are selling different types of cards with different capacities. You can choose the best one that fits in your storage needs and budget.

There are many people who are doing extensive research to buy the best memory card for their gaming devices and cameras. With many manufacturers selling different types of memory cards, it is important for you to buy the card only from a reliable manufacturer since a poor quality card would result in the loss of your valuable data. When you are buying a memory card, you would need to take the speed class, physical size, and storage capacity into consideration. Though storage capacity and size are important, you need to be very careful when you are choosing a speed class that would vary from class 2 to fast UHS class 3. The price of the memory card would range from 219 to 34,591.

The price of the memory card would go high with the increase in the capacity of the card. When you are going for a terabyte memory card, you would need to spend a lot of money. If you are buying the memory card with different storage capacities such as 64GB, 128 GB and 256 GB, you would get high value for the money you have invested. In addition, it allows you to store a lot of photos and media files.

You can carry this card at work and for your personal use when you are travelling with your family. The memory card with good storage capacity will allow you to store all your wedding photos in one card and also you can use this card to store all your holiday photos in one place.

The first thing you need to keep in mind while buying the card is not the price, but the brand and reputation of the company from whom you are buying. You should not get enticed with the price of the card. There are many unregulated sites which are selling fake memory cards. When you buy these cards, it results in the loss of your data. There are many unscrupulous vendors who would re-label the card and sell it as a branded one. So, you need to beware of such frauds. It is highly recommended to buy the cards only from a reliable site. If you see that the price of the memory card to be cheaper compared to the other sites, just turn off this offer. Though it is tempting to save money on memory cards, the money you spent on buying the card would go into vain.

To avoid losing all the photos by purchasing the fake memory card just because you got it for a cheaper price, you need to check the brand reputation.

The price of the card would also depend on the brand you are buying.

Saving money on Memory cards

Every format of the memory card is defined using the SD specifications. The format of one card is not compatible to be used in the devices in which it does not support. You cannot buy the new cards in the hardware that would only support the old formats of the card. When you are buying the card, you need to check whether or not the card supports your device. This helps you to save big on burning holes in your pockets. You only buy the card after making sure that the hardware is compatible with the card format you are going to buy.

There are high chances of memory cards from failing to work. For this reason, it is important for you to buy the card from the bigger brands in the market over buying the cards that have no name in the market just because those are available for cheaper rates. This assures high performance, higher reliability, and robustness. The cards you are buying would protect against shock, water, and X-rays. It is better to buy the cards that are supported on your device rather than paying a lot of attention to the speed ratings. For instance, if your camera supports micro SD, micro SDHC or micro SDXC, you need to buy any of these types. The cost of these would range from 499 to 1200. When buying, you need to read the specifications thoroughly. The cost totally depends on the capacity and speed of the memory card. So, choose the best one that is worth every penny you invested in it.

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