How to Beat Casino Slots: Cheats vs Strategy

Winning is something everyone likes to do, but the truth is when playing slots in the way they’re meant to be played, you are going to lose much more than you will win. Bear this is mind, and you won’t become stressed when playing, you won’t spend too much, and you’ll have win – følg linken for flere spilleautomater.

From the time slot machines initially came to prominence, many people have wanted to try and overcome the system. They’ve wanted to win, and they’ve been willing to cheat to do it. There are always players that desire to overcome the odds and are going to spend a large amount of time thinking of ways on how you can cheat the system. But is it better to think of cheats or better to work out a way to simply be better at the game? Let’s see. 

The Cheats

It’s not possible to cheat on an internet slot game; the RNG (random number generator) process would mean you cannot predict what symbols are approaching, not to mention exactly where they’re going to end up on the reels. It’s much safer to build some strategy ideas if these are the games you would like to win on. Still if you’re searching for a regular fruit machine or slot game, you will find techniques to cheat (although a few are old fashioned and aren’t in use) if you really want them. You should be cautious however, because if you are found you will be banned and you will probably need to pay back again all the winnings too. We do not advocate cheating, though we do understand the way it works. 

  • Fake Coins

When it comes to actively playing the slots, the fake coin strategy has been utilised for many years. It was developed by Luis Colavecchio. These coins include worthless bits of metal which are made into a similar shape and size as actual coins. The device is duped into thinking that a true coin is used therefore allows the player to play. More modern models are a lot more precise, however, and this strategy just won’t work.   

  • Yoyo Coins

Yoyo coins work in a similar way to fake coins, only they are real. The coin is used as normal, though it’s connected to a piece of string that could mean it can be pulled up rapidly before the device takes it completely, but after the device has ‘noticed’ it had been there. Once again, the more contemporary devices will not allow you to get away with this, and will snatch your coin away whether it’s connected to a string or not. 

  • Bill Validators

The bill validator slot cheat is complicated more high tech. The concept behind it is you are able to make the slot game believe you’re making use of a hundred dollar bill when rather you’re using just a one dollar bill. This one works when using American money since the cash in America is all of the exact same shape and size. 

  • Cheat The RNG

As stated above, whatever slot you’re playing and the wherever you’re playing it, there’ll be a random number generator process within its setup. Although this is not possible to cheat in a typical way, you will find several products which state they have the ability to adjust the RNG to provide you with the symbols you would like. This is entirely illegal though, therefore it’s best never to do it!

The Strategies

Most people are uneasy with the idea of cheating, even if the prize on offer happens to be something impressive. So they would rather create a strategy that gives them more of a chance of winning, even if it doesn’t guarantee that win. 

If you want to do this, first off you need to pick games with high RTPs. This suggests that the percentage chance of having your cash returned is higher, thus, although you’ll nonetheless suffer a loss of a lot more than you are going to win, you have a much better possibility of winning. You are able to also ensure you utilize all the welcome bonuses that a casino will provide you with. This can provide you an extended time to play, and so when you’re playing for longer you will have an additional chance of winning.

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