How The Internet Changed Slot Machines Forever

The world is constantly changing and some of it is good whilst other change has been bad. Some changes have been so swift that adapting to them has been hard. In all walks of life it is usually those that can handle change quickly that tend to thrive, whilst those who can’t cope are usually left behind. The gambling industry just happens to fall in the former and most change has proved to be the making of this industry. In fact, the very decision to move big gambling brands and their products online was the most successful thing the gambling industry ever chose to do. Since gambling went digital in 1996 and online casinos like Toppspilleautomater became readily available to the masses, gambling has grown in popularity and has drawn customers from wider backgrounds and this includes a record number of female punters. Online gambling is now a mainstream pursuit and the days of visiting a male dominated, smoky betting shop to gamble, has been confined to history. You can now gamble 24/7 in the comfort of your own home. You can even gamble on the go thanks to mobile casinos that can be accessed through smart phones and other mobile devices. 

The Digital Age 

The digital revolution began in the 1990s and the technology it introduced has not stopped advancing. In fact, it is this revolution that brought us the internet and it is the internet that gave us the first virtual casino. 1996 saw the introduction of this as well as the first video slot. This video slot proved a big hit with the public and demand for more created a studio system of slots design houses. They have consistently upped their game creating more complex and enjoyable slots and now there are hundreds to choose from. Now online slots are far more popular than slots at casinos.  Slots have changed beyond all recognition since the demand for them hit the roof, once online casinos really took off. There are film and TV themed slots, and these are some of the most popular of all slot games, as they bring a preexisting fan base with them. Slots are now loaded with special features and multilayered bonuses and the graphics continue to improve year on year. 

Other Changes The Internet Has Created 

It’s not just the improved quality of the slots that the internet has forced, it has also produced a new audience for these games and the statistics show that it is a totally different crowd than who used to gamble before. Recent studies by the UK Gambling Commission highlight the changing audience that gambling and especially slots, attracts. The survey discovered that 39% of slots players are now female and this figure is predicted to increase over the next couple of years. This new female audience cited the fact that they could gamble in the comfort of their own homes anonymously, as one of the major draws to slots gambling. Slots are still changing and the Megaways craze is the new big thing.

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