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How to Renovate Your Home for a Timeless Look

Renovating your home can be exciting, but there are many decisions to be made. You may want the outcome to be more classic than trendy, and not knowing what to choose can leave you feeling stressed about the project. The good news is that there are a few ways to understand the options. It all starts with understanding your goals and how long you are likely to live in that house. This will determine the extent and type of renovations you will want to look into.

Consider Classic Home Technology

Upgrade your home with classic technology designed to make your life easier. You might consider adding a home lift, as this can make it easier to move between different levels in the home. These come in a range of stylish options, so you can find something that fits with the rest of the house’s design. A home lifts supplier can help you pick the right design.

Work with Neutrals

Neutral colors can be uninteresting, although when done well, they can also look quite chic. Choosing bold countertops or paint colors might make the room feel great right now, but later on, it may start to feel dated. And if you are getting ready to sell your home then, you may feel you have no choice but to redo the work. Play around with combinations on interior design apps before you make your final choices so you can get an idea of how your vision will look before it becomes permanent. 

There are many options for the bigger places that are harder to redo. Combinations such as black and white, gray, or beige will likely stay in style for a long time. These combinations can make the perfect backdrop for bolder colors in accessories such as towels or kitchen burner covers. Of course, certain architectural features of your home, like high ceilings, might make it harder to redo your work later on since you may need to pay someone to come in and do it.

Consider Furniture Carefully

It’s harder to replace trendy furniture than smaller items, but if you want to get a few pieces that are in style, go about it carefully. Filling your entire home with pieces that are in style can make it feel more like a museum than a place to live, so make your selections carefully. Add at least one vintage piece to every room to add character to your home and help the room look more layered.

Avoiding Trendy Larger Items

If you feel your tastes will change over time, it’s a good idea to let your unique sense of style show through smaller items, such as bedding, area rugs, and curtains. However, with more expensive pieces, such as chairs or couches, it’s a good idea to avoid getting something too trendy. Choosing a timeless piece made from the best upholstery fabric for furniture will ensure the piece will stand up well even as trends change. Avoid choosing a color just because it’s popular that year, because the color will change by the same time next year. Then you can add décor, like art, pillows, lamps, and other items in this year’s colors. These are much easier and less expensive to swap out later on.

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