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What is a Sexual Offence?

By robustly defending individuals who have been accused of committing sexual offences, a sexual offence solicitor provides stability and support during such a tumultuous time. Because it can be an immensely traumatic experience for both parties and by addressing the concerns with a level head and respectful nature, then far-reaching consequences can be potentially minimised. 

It is not only the person who has been prosecuted for allegedly committing an offence, it is their family, their reputation, their business and their business associates who also suffer from even the mere allegation of committing a sexual offence. This can eventually result in a loss of liberty if not handled correctly. It is important to obtain legal support immediately after an accusation has been laid so that lawyers can get to work in developing a defence for their client. 

Some sexual offences that can be discussed and worked with include rape, sexual assault, exploitation or grooming, child abuse, indecent images or historical cases that could have occurred decades ago. 

Lawyers understand that any of these accusations are of an extremely sensitive nature and need to be handled appropriately. They also respect that they need to be readily available to defend their client at any stage, during interviews, immediately after an arrest at the police station and in court, which can drag out over many months depending on the severity of the accusation. 

It is important to protect their client’s reputation during and after the case has gone through the courts and this can be done in a number of ways. Appropriate representation is critical and a single wrong foot can result in defamation and may also swing the case in the wrong favour which can have life long devastation consequences. 

For those who have been wrongly accused

It can be a very frightening time for any individual who has been wrongfully accused of a crime and it can be difficult to explain themselves when it feels like there is a lot of pressure coming from everywhere all at once. 

By speaking with a lawyer frankly, openly and as early as possible, these professionals are able to work through the information they are given and make sure that they can obtain all of the evidence that is required in order to prove innocence.

Understanding the law and how it regularly changes should be of value and a professional is not only well skilled and trained in the latest of changes, they make sure that they explain their client’s personal situation to them in layman’s terms for them to understand. 

This provides an assurance and gives their client a sense of reality and perhaps confidence in themselves that they are going to get through this experience in their lives. Because remaining strong, remaining confident yet compassionate is a way to exhibit that everyone understands the severity of the allegation but by providing solid defence, a resolution can be obtained in favour for the client. 

So if an individual finds themselves at the mercy of a sexual offence allegation, they should contact the best lawyer they can so they have the best possible representation available.

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