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MilesWeb Shared Hosting {Updated 2024} – Best Web Hosting Solution for Small and Startup’s Website

Want to develop a website? Really a good thought, because to exist in the online market it’s necessary to have a website. To start a website you need many factors such as web developer, web hosting, domain, etc. Your developer will guide you on designing a website but after that, you’ll need a hosting service to host your website.

I know you’ll get confused among various available hosting options like shared web hosting, VPS, WordPress, dedicated, cloud, business, etc. To overcome this issue, I am writing this article on MilesWeb shared hosting, the best web hosting solution for small and startup websites.

Shared Hosting

Linux Shared hosting indicates sharing the hosting resources among the users. In short, multiple users are sharing resources like disk storage, RAM and bandwidth, etc. Though users are sharing the resources every individual is getting a unique account on the server along with a dedicated set of resources. It comprises of two types of the operating system – Linux shared hosting and Windows shared hosting.

Shared Hosting is recommended for:

  • Start-ups
  • Small-medium enterprises websites
  • Blog / personal websites
  • Medium-sized e-commerce sites with minimum visitors 500

Benefits of Shared Hosting

  • Cost-effective: Shared hosting is cheaper in comparison to other web hosting solutions.
  • No technical skills needed: As long as, a shared server is managed by your web hosting provider, you don’t require any special technical skills for hosting your website.
  • Easy to use: Since the server is set up by the web hosting provider, you can launch your website.

Intro to MilesWeb


Established in 2012, MilesWeb is located in Nashik, Maharashtra and has become one of the leading web hosting providers in India. They sell web hosting service that is perfect for all types of businesses at a fair price. Their most sold product is reseller hosting that is ideal for web developers and designers. As per the study, MilesWeb serves 1 million users in India and overseas. This means that they are moving with good speed towards success. In a short period of time, they have established themselves in the hosting industry worldwide.

MilesWeb believes that a web hosting service should be reliable and cost-effective. Their team is having great experience and knowledge about the web hosting industry.  This helps them to deliver quality service to their clients.

The main advantage of selecting MilesWeb is the support service of 24*7*365 days, 30 days money back and 99.95 % uptime.

MilesWeb Shared Hosting Plans


MilesWeb shared hosting plans are starting from Rs. 60/mo – Lite plan. Their Lite plan offers one host website, 1 GB SSD storage, 10 GB bandwidth, free SSL certificate, 2 email accounts, 1 MySQL database, etc.

The Deluxe plan is starting from Rs. 210/mo and provides features like hosting 3 websites, 5 GB bandwidth, free SSL certificate, 10 email accounts, 5 MySQL database, etc.

The Ultimate plan of MilesWeb starts from Rs. 252/mo that consists of 5 websites to host, 10 GB SSD storage, 100 GB bandwidth, free SSL certificate, 20 email accounts, etc.

They also offer Windows Shared Hosting to know more check MilesWeb shared hosting plans.

Features of Shared Web Hosting

Free SSL Certificate

MilesWeb provides an SSL certificate with its shared web hosting plan. This ensures that communication that takes place between you and your visitors is safe and secure. It will become easy for you to accept debit/credit cards on your website. The data on the website that is exchanged between you and your customer is encrypted with the SSL certificate. It also improves your website ranking in the search engine.

Free Site Builder

With the help of the free website builder tool, you can develop your own professional website. You can design your website without hiring a developer and just by using drag and drop feature, you can add the content and images at the desired location. Plus, it also offers multiple templates that can be used to develop a website.       


You will get cPanel on both the platforms that are Linux and Windows shared hosting. It helps the website owner to manage files, databases, emails, domains, etc. in a very easy way.

Datacenter choice

It’s always suggested to select the nearest server to host your website. This is because your visitor will get good user experience. If you’re targeting Indian users then host your website on the Indian server location. Likewise, MilesWeb offers India, UK and US datacenter. You can choose any server location during signing up.

Pure SSD storage

If your website is loading slowly then your customers will get disappointed and this results in loss of potential customers. But if you’re using MilesWeb shared hosting plan then you’ll get an SSD drive. It utilizes less energy and provides faster storage than traditional HDDs. It also improves the page browsing experience with less loading time.

The list of features included in shared hosting is uncountable, therefore, you need to visit the MilesWeb website to know in-depth about shared hosting features.


Finally, you’re ready with your decision after reading this article. Shared hosting is the best choice for all new startups and small business websites. So, don’t hesitate to select shared web hosting to host your website, if you’re a newbie or small business owner.

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