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Why WordPress Hosting in Right For You?

Maybe you are a small business looking to scale, a blogger facing a regular spike in the number of visitors, or simply a hobbyist creating your first website with DIY enthusiasm. Your Shared Hosting Provider would have promised you Low monthly costs, 99.99% uptime, and optimum website performance. But, the question is whether shared web hosting is right for you in the long term and whether you are missing out on some crucial details! In this post, we will discuss why WordPress Hosting might be a viable option for you as compared to Shared Web Hosting. Let’s get started.

Shared Web Hosting vs. WordPress Hosting

Following are the general points of comparison between Shared Hosting and Wp Hosting!

Loading Speed

Your website’s loading speed is crucial for many reasons. Firstly, a faster loading website ranks higher on search engine ranking. Second, a faster website is essential for exceptional customer experience. While economy hosting plans work fine for sites with low traffic, the problem really begins when the number of visitors goes up! Shared hosting plans allocate finite resources to many other websites, hence limiting the performance of your own site. Thus, you’ll either have to upgrade the plan regularly or compromise with reduced speeds!

WordPress Hosting on the other end gives you faster website loading even with the WordPress Shared Hosting. Faster loading capability gives your website the ability to handle a large volume of visitors like a cake-walk.

Optimum Server Security

Website owners do not usually bother about the website server security unless things go haywire! Shared hosting servers, be it Windows or Linux, are always on the target of malicious cyber-attacks. Since these servers are shared with other websites, a weaker website might pave the way for attackers to harm your website as well. WordPress Hosting, on the other hand, comes with optimum server security mechanisms that keep individual website safe against any malicious server attacks.

Customer Support

It is more of the question of common sense than ‘commitment’ made by your shared hosting provider. Shared hosting plans, especially the economic ones, do not generate a lot of revenue for the hosting provider. Hence, the customer support resource allocation is almost absent in such cases. Why? Because a ticket raised by you will cost them more than their profit from you! On the other hand, a highly reliable Wordpress Hosting Provider will not only resolve your issues timely but ensure that they do not arise in the first place. This holds true for those providing WordPress Hosting with other plans.

Backups and Updates

Backups are the key to reduce the chances of losing all your website data and functionality during adverse circumstances. However, backups are something you’ll have to undertake manually while using a Shared Web-hosting plan. If you have a team to take care of it, well and good! However, human error can misplace or miss making the website backup altogether. If you switch to WordPress hosting, your website backup process becomes automated. With Wp hosting, your website gets backed-up daily.

Updates are another crucial factor for your Website. Your website needs regular CMS updates, Plugin Updates, and Core File updates to function optimally. Shared web-hosting requires you to update these features manually, while only the CMS can be automatically updated. With WordPress Hosting, your website gets automatic updates as soon as they are available on the internet.

What Are the WordPress Hosting Options for Me?

Like any other hosting service provider, WordPress also offers you four types of hosting options as per your suitability. These are;

Shared WordPress Hosting:

This is just like any other Shared hosting; only it comes with upscale features that ordinary shared hosting services do not provide. Shared WordPress hosting comes highly recommended for beginners as it offers great security and stability for your website.

VPS WordPress Hosting:

Best suited for websites with medium traffic, Virtual Private Server WordPress hosting offers an optimum balance of Speed, stability, security, and scalability.

Cloud WordPress Hosting:

This plan is suitable for any type of website, a new blog or scaling business, as it offers much faster speed, security, and a wide range of customization options. This comes highly recommended for complex websites that need fast scaling ability.

Dedicated Server WordPress Hosting:

Frankly speaking, this hosting plan will be suitable for very large organizations and business that cannot risk storing their data over shared servers. Examples include large e-commerce companies, and corporates. If you are a small or medium business, or a blogger with heavy data streaming, the above three plans will help you out!

It is always advisable to go with a brand name rather than complete DIY approach, especially if you are not an expert. Availing WordPress hosting from a recommended service provider like Hostgator can land you a great deal for your website.

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