What is Standard Chartered Bank’s Home Saver loan? Should You Opt for it?

Have you ever thought of using the surplus liquidity to repay your home loan faster, keeping the fund still available with you … seems interesting… here comes the Home Saver loan. At the heart of it, Home Saver loan is an different proposition, where a normal Home Loan is linked with a current account. It gives the flexibility to the customer to deposit his excess savings in the linked current account. The actual interest is thus calculated on the net of Outstanding of Home Loan and the balance maintained in current account. This reduces the interest burden for the borrower significantly, prompting a faster repayment of loan. Borrower still has the flexibility to withdraw the money from current account for any requirement at any point.

Standard Chartered Bank’s Home Saver Loan

Home saver and its various variants are available with many Banks today. But the home saver loan offered by Standard Chartered Bank is probably the best home loan you’ll ever come across. This unique scheme for your home loan plan not only allows you to pay the lowest interest amount,

the saved interest is also available for the borrower to withdraw further in case of any requirement. 

What are the Benefits of Standard Chartered Bank’s Home Saver Loan?

Standard Chartered Bank’s home saver loan is truly remarkable as it offers captivating benefits. Some of them include:

  • Their home loans come with attractive interest rates, and the rate is same as Normal .Home Loan.
  • You can avail of exceptionally high home loans up to Rs. 35 crores! and it comes with highly flexible tenure repayment options.
  • Home saver loans are marvelous as no charges are incurred on prepaying your home loan.
  • Saved Interest is also available to you in a pre-set limit for further withdrawal at any point of time. So you enjoy equivalent to an additional credit Line with no additional cost.

What are the Features of Standard Chartered Bank’s Home saver Loan?

The home saver loans offered by Standard Chartered Bank come with a bundle of incredible features. Some of them include:

Efficient and Easy Access to Funds

With a home saver loan, you have the advantage of depositing and withdrawing your money as and when required.

Easy and Improved Interest Calculations

The interest offset of your home saver loan is efficiently calculated on your daily balances. 

Simplified and New Home Saver Statement

Standard Chartered Bank provides its borrowers with a new and simplified home saver statement. So you can easily view your interest savings and loan usage through the user-friendly home saver statement guide.

Balance Transfer of Home Loan with Top-Up

You can transfer your existing home loan to Standard Chartered Bank. This will efficiently help in easing your EMIs with enhanced balance transfer solutions. Also, it comes with a top-up facility at remarkably reduced rates.


All home loans offered by Standard Chartered Bank come with guaranteed Property insurance. It is applicable in cases of eventuality, especially to property.

Feasible Doorstep Service

The best part about Standard Chartered Bank’s home saver loan is that they provide doorstep services. This means you can obtain your loan faster From the comfort of your Home.

Available in Mortgage Loan

Borrowers can avail similar product features called Lap Saver in Loan Against Property and Top Up also.

24 Hours Helpline Service

The 24×7 helpline service offered by Standard Chartered Bank is immensely helpful. In times of need, you can easily reach out to them through their wide network of Phone banking helplines.

To Conclude

While the home saver loan of Standard Chartered Bank has a revolutionary design, it can help in paying off loans faster, save more and have the flexibility to draw the saved interest at your will. Also, you have the incredible advantage of depositing and withdrawing your money anytime, without any additional charges. So, while it comes with a plethora of outstanding features, you must opt for Standard Chartered Bank’s home saver loan.

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