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Straightening your Teeth can help Prevent Plaque build-up and Gum Disease

Generally, people visit the orthodontist in Harley Street to improve the aesthetics of their smile by straightening their teeth. However, there are more benefits to straightening your teeth than just improving your smile. Having straight teeth can boost your overall oral hygiene and help you to avoid needing more extensive dental treatments later in life.

Overcrowding and crooked teeth

If you have crooked or overlapping teeth you are more likely to experience a build-up of plaque, as the angles of your teeth prevent you from being able to clean them as efficiently as if they were straight. If this plaque build-up is left untreated it could result in gingivitis or gum disease, which could ultimately mean more extensive dental work is needed later on.

Having straight teeth makes it easier for you to clean and floss your teeth properly, as well as improving the appearance of your smile. It can also be safer to have straight teeth as if you have an under or overbite, then those teeth are more likely to become chipped or damaged in an accident too.

What straightening treatments are available?

There are several different types of braces that can straighten your teeth. Some are available on the NHS whilst others such as Invisalign are generally only available privately. Discussing the options that are available to you with your dental professional is a good idea, as they will be able to recommend which treatments are going to be the most suitable for you. Some braces have brackets that attach to the surface of your teeth and are visible to other people. If you want to reduce their visibility you can speak to your dental practitioner about getting clear braces instead of metal or coloured ones, and they may be able to use a tooth coloured wire instead of a metallic one too.

If you wish to hide your braces entirely then you may want to find out more information about lingual braces. These are a completely hidden appliance, as they attach to the inside surfaces of your teeth. Whilst it may take a few days to get used to the feeling of the braces on your tongue, each bracket is custom-made to fit the shape of the inside of your tooth and to be as comfortable as possible.

Sometimes people refrain from getting braces because they do not like the idea of having an appliance permanently fixed inside their mouth. If this is the case, then Invisalign aligners may well be an option for you to choose from. They need to be worn for at least twenty-two hours of the day, but they are completely removable, so you are able to take your braces out when you are eating or brushing your teeth.

Whatever appliance you eventually have, your dental practitioner will provide you with a retainer to wear for at least six months after your treatment has ended. This is to make sure that your teeth do not move back into their original positions and keeps each and every tooth straight. 

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