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Top 5 Things you Should know About Getting Invisalign in Clapham

Getting minor dental work done can be discreet, comfortable, removable and doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Getting your Invisalign in Clapham will help you realign your teeth, straighten your waning smile and help boost your confidence. Invisalign works well for teeth that need realignment, for closing gaps in the mouth, and for when you have too many teeth crowding your mouth.

Here are five reasons why you should invest in yourself and get Invisalign in Clapham.

  1. Invisalign is discreet

One of the most exciting things about Invisalign is how discreet the aligners are. During a consultation at your local dentist, you can ask him or her to show you examples of the aligners. What you’ll notice is how thin Invisalign is and how durable the clear plastic is. 

When it’s in your mouth and fitted to your teeth, you can also expect to be amazed at how little attention you’ll draw to yourself because of your dental appliance. You can attend social functions with friends, lead meetings at work, or enjoy relaxing family time without feeling embarrassed about your dental work. 

Because Invisalign is discreet, you can rest easy knowing that as you continue with life, your aligners will continue to gently push your teeth into their correct place. One less dental thing to worry about!

  1. Invisalign is comfortable

Once you decide to take that initial step and get Invisalign, you will have a series of consultations with your dentist. During the first few sessions, you will be fitted for custom-built aligners that are unique to your mouth and your teeth. 

When you wear the aligners, you’ll also find that because they’ve been made for you, they feel comfortable with daily use. You may even forget that they’re on! You won’t have any hard metal rubbing against the inside of your mouth, instead, you’ll have the malleable yet durable plastic Invisalign working on your teeth. 

  1. Invisalign is removable

For some people, the idea of having fixed dental appliances is not for them. So by getting Invisalign in Clapham, you have the freedom and ease of taking out the removable aligners whenever you need to. Speak to your dentist about whether this is the best option for you.  

  1. Invisalign is for almost all ages

Often, teenagers or young adults who feel more self-conscious about how they look will prefer the Invisalign method over traditional braces. But this method of aligning teeth is not only for younger patients. Older adults with dreams of straighter teeth have also made use of the aligners. As always, a chat and consultation with a dentist is your best bet to find out if you can get started on the Invisalign process. 

  1. Invisalign treatment is an investment in your health

Invisalign treatment in Clapham can vary in price. However, this kind of investment in yourself and your well-being will be visible for a number of years after treatment has concluded. Speak to your dentist about whether they have any payment plans that suit your budget.  

Make a booking today with your dentist to talk about getting your invisible aligners and to finally start working on the smile you deserve!

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