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The Development of One Palm, Jumeirah to be Managed by Dorchester Collection

It has been announced by Omniyat that Dorchester Collection will be the one behind managing the luxury One Palm project, which is based towards the left trunk of the Jumeirah. The partnership that is to happen will bring Dorchester Collection to the region. It will be for the first time, which would include stunning developments on the banks of the Canal in Dubai. It will also feature an ultra-luxurious hotel along with residences, which would be fully serviced. Moreover, this development would be the first ever in Dubai, which would be managed by a brand included among the most iconic hospitality brands in the Middle East.

The One Palm was able to come among the top few globally during the last year after it was sold at a record-breaking price, which was 102 million AED. The price makes it one of the most expensive apartments in Dubai. The designs on this are such that you will never find anything better anywhere in the world. Worth every investment as well.

This design, which is situated on 910,000 square feet, is shaping up at a very quick speed to become one of the most unique statements when it comes to architecture. It is not as good as anything else that is present in this region. It is one of the best, in fact. These ninety apartments, which are set in the tallest residential area for private living on the Palm, consist of three, four-, and five bedroom residences. Each of the residences offers a breathtaking view of the skyline, Dubai Marina, the Arabian Gulf, and the Burj Al Arab.

One Palm will also be equipped with a lot of facilities and amenities for the people, in order to cater to their needs and requirements. The clubhouse of One Palm has a lot of facilities, such as the incredible fine dining regions, the restaurants, and the swimming pools, which are both indoors and outdoors according to every person’s preference. They can enjoy whatever they like. It doesn’t end here, there is also an outdoor cinema, an area for BBQ, a cigar lounge, a yacht club, and a spa. All of these facilities are available to people who have been lucky enough to secure a residence in this location.

The architects of New York, SOMA, are the masterminds behind designing the unique structure of One Palm. If you take a look at each of the residences, you will find a touch of uniqueness, when it comes to the personal taste of the owners. They are able to choose the designs from the two most famous and esteemed interior design companies in the world. The two are either the Japanese firm known as Super Potato or. They are known for their modern and chic fittings. Or it is the rich texture of Elicyon, who are designers based in London. They are also known as those who have been involved in the building of the Hyde Park building.

The CEO and the executive chairman of Omniyat, Mahdi Amjad, said:

One Palm is the most exclusive address on The Palm Jumeirah and home to Dubai’s most expensive apartment. Buyers of One Palm command absolute first-class service, and that is exactly what Dorchester Collection’s management will provide.” 

About Omniyat: Into the Depth

It is a Dubai-based group and a privately-held developmental property group. It is committed to making a visionary and leading designs in Dubai. It builds projects that are unique, at locations that are vantage points within master communities. It also employs a bespoke and consistent approach towards the development of the project, the design, and delivery as well. It does not end here, Omniyat has specialized in the creation of large-scale collaborations. Their architects are globally acclaimed, and the designers, artists, and firms deliver a project of high value and desire.

It operates out of the headquarters. The “One by Omniyat,” which is at Business Bay, has been able to deliver projects that cost over $6 billion and has a pipeline as well. It costs a further AED 12 billion when it comes to the different stages of development and planning. Some of the famous and prominent projects include The Sterling, The Opus by the late Dame Zaha Hadid, The Pad, and ONE at Palm Jumeirah, which has the landscape architecture designed by Vladimir Djurovic and the interiors designed by the Japanese design firm, known as Super Potato.

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