10 Tips to Increase Twitch Views

Twitch is one of the largest online streaming platforms for video games around the world. By May 2018 it will have about 27000 partner channels listed in it. This seems to be a double-edged sword. Why? With so many channels, a potential content need will arise to drag the viewers towards your channel as the audience is enormous. The other end seems to be the heavy competition among the channels. To make it look simple, you need content that is engaging to have your own niche of audience set.

Here are 10 tips to increase Twitch views of your channel in twitch.

  • Use social media as a quick weapon

Stumbling upon a few loyal followers and constant need to improve the viewership can be done easily by using social media. Streamers can post a quick byte about their upcoming videos and posted videos on social platforms. This could kindle the curiosity of the viewers and will help improve on the viewership count. It can help reach new followers who weren’t there before. Many successful viewers have chosen platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as their priority platforms for exposing their content.

  • Allow people to host your content

Apart from gaining followers through social media platforms, one easy way would be to find people who can host your content in them. When hosted by someone who has a greater number of flowers, there are better chances for you to gain new followers. In that case, how do you get hosts for your account? Initially, you can use whim by using your friends to host your content or can be an exchange forum where you can host theirs. This way, you can get more followers on Twitch for your streamed content.

  • Stick to a schedule

Nothing works better than often communicating with you streamed videos among your viewers. Make a schedule and stick to it. Your pattern of schedule must let you meet your viewers often along the journey of your twitch streaming. This will make your viewers expect and curious about your upcoming video. And releasing regular content will keep your audience entertained more. When you stream content at irregular times, gaining a steady audience rate will be difficult. Try to release your streaming videos at a suitable time of the day where the average viewer ratio is higher.

  • Choose the right set games to stream

Streaming on popular games will get you more competition and viewership to your videos will face a heavy struggle. On the hand, if you are focusing your content on steady game content which is not posted often, you can develop a dedicated fan base for your content. This helps you to grow more content and viewership wise. Moderately popular games won’t have much competition and viewers who look for those Twitch games can easily access your content. This will, therefore, increase Twitch followers for your channel.

  • Moderate your streaming content

There are several automated features for Twitch live streaming your content; one such is night bot. It’s a chatbot that supports for twitch and YouTube to enhance automating moderation for your online content.

  • Engage with your viewers rather than planning to buy Twitch views

Twitch allows viewers to communicate and talks with the content providers through the chat window. It allows viewers to ask questions, interact the streamers and comment on the videos that are streamed by a channel. It is always good to engage with the viewers by engaging in talk with them. Communication is very important to hold on to your viewers and earn a name. Your opinions and answers help to create and maintain a clear relationship with your viewers.  Acknowledging viewers allows aids you in staying active among channels.

  • Invest in a better layout

Nothing is more attractive than a better layout for your channel. So, spend some quality time to define and refine your channel layout. On the whole, make it more attractive and highly professional to look at. After all, an attractive layout of your stream channel helps to attract more Twitch viewers. So, encourage the use of widgets like webcam, chatbot, social media accounts that you own along with followers list and your hosts. This acts as a special outlook for the viewers and is an easy way to increase Twitch views.

  • Spend more streaming hours

Spending very few hours of a day will make it very difficult for viewers to identify you. You need to set aside several hours a day for streaming content. Moreover, the greater the hours, the possibility of identification by newer viewers increases, and you are able to build your niche among the viewing environment faster.

  • Stream your videos on several other platforms

In total, there are specific tools that help you stream your Twitch videos on several other video streaming platforms like Terrarium, mixer or YouTube. You can use tools like restream, which helps you to collect audience across different platforms, increasing your viewership also.

  • Invest in quality equipment

Any video where the sound, audio or video quality is bad is lacklustre and will create a bad impression among the audience. Invest in procuring some quality equipment for video creation and editing. If you are looking to improve the quality of your content, then investing on these may improve how your videos are displayed for viewing.


Moreover, if you’re looking to increase Twitch views then it’s a critical thing that you would be working on. So, it’s very important that you appear and remains active, positive and fun to your verses and fan base so that they come back to your channel. On the whole, it’s not even advisable to go behind procuring fake viewership followers. Spend more time, stream right content, attract viewership but pulling in more engaging and exciting content can help you build a better viewership stat for your account.

Closing remarks

Hard work surely pays off. So, all you need is a better strategy regarding your stuff and rearrangement of things to make it a star twitch channel. Maybe with the above tips, we assure that gaining a lot of viewers for your streaming videos is going to be a lot easier. It’s also important to maintain your style in the process. Good luck with it!

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