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Small businesses usually consist of a few dozens of employees and privately owned corporations and mostly sole proprietorships and generate reasonable revenue. So, Employers community small businesses, in particular, are very curious about the productivity and the data stored within the company’s owned devices such as cell phones, gadgets, and desktop laptop devices. The small business worldwide also classified in terms of revenues, shipments, sales, assets and in terms of many other things. So, employer s don’t compromise on their employee’s behavior that leads a business towards loss or destruction. So, they always want to use high tech spy applications in order to catch each and every single activity happens on the target device. let’s tech a look at how you can get employee monitoring app to spy on the company’s owned cell phones and computer packed with the business intellectual property.

How to install an Employee monitoring app?

If you are a small business owner and you want to get a high tech spy app for employees. Then you need to subscribe to cellphone and PC monitoring software. Then end users will get the credentials such as passcode and ID via an email sent to you. Let’s describe the couple of steps to get your hands on the employee monitoring app in the following.

Step1: Subscribe for Cellphone & Computer monitoring software

Initially, you have to get the subscription via the web of the mobile phone & PC spy app and once you have got it. Then you will receive credentials and you need to further get to know the target device OS and as well as you know either it is cellphone and computer.

Step2: Get physical access on employees devices

Now you need to have possession of the device physically and then you need to get started with the installation process. The moment you have completed the process of the installation then the very next moment you should activate cellphone and computer surveillance for employees. When you are doing the activation of the employee monitoring software you will suddenly have to deal with a pop –up appear on the target device screen. It will empower you to keep your secrecy when you are up to on spying on your employee’s company’s owned cell phones and computers.

Step3: Use credentials and get access to the web portal

Now use the credentials and get access to the employee tracking app online control panel. Now you can visit the multiple solutions in terms of features to spy on cell phones and PCs. Now discuss the features that can track computer machines and mobile phones separately.

Cell spy app for employees features

Surround Monitoring

The end-user can monitor employee’s cellphones and their surrounds. You can remotely get control over MIC, front and back camera and capture images remotely using surround monitoring app.

Call logs

The user can record and listen to the calls in real-time either incoming or outgoing by using a secret call recorder app.

Text messages spy

You can read and view all the text messages sent/received on the target device of employees with the complete time stamp.

IM’s Social Media

The user can view the IM’s activities logs on the target cell phone device owned by the employers. You can view the logs of text messages, text conversations, audio, and video conversations, shared media and social media Voice messages and plenty of others.

Live screen recording

The user can perform live screen recording on the target Employees Company’s owned devices. You can make short videos of the cell phone screen back to back and can view the live recorded videos later having access to the web portal of the employee monitoring app.

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