How an Apparel ERP Software Boosts Productivity?

ERP Software Development for Textile Industry

Enterprise Resource Planning software has become a hit in the fashion industry. Lifestyle brands use it for handling back-office tasks, supply chain and logistics, sourcing, design and product development, electronic data exchange, business intelligence, and automating the manufacturing process. It helps the brand to become more efficient so that the employees can concentrate on core business activities like product design and development.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of using a custom apparel ERP software:

1. Single Database

There is nothing better than having a single database to manage all the operations of your apparel brand. As the company’s manager and founder, you have control over everything in one place. It is divided into different sections, allowing you to check what all is happening in one click. All the information is easy to access, which improves productivity and also gives you an insight into the current market trends.

One of the best things about ERP software development is that you can give limited access to different levels of management, so your confidential data is protected at all times.

2. Operative Control

If you want to stay ahead in the competition, you need to ensure a smooth flow of operations. When you sync your brand’s daily operations with the ERP software development, you are automating the process. Every morning, your employees can check their profile on the software where they will find the tasks they need to complete that day.

Rather than waiting for the instructions to come from a higher level of management, they can immediately get to work. Your team gets more time to use for brainstorming and implementing them. ERP software also reduces reworks because the instructions are mentioned clearly and not lost during passing it from the vel of management to another.

3. Inventory Insights

By using ERP software, you can completely automate inventory control. Every time an order is logged into the software and received by the retailer, the count can be deducted from the inventory total. The software can send an alert to the concerned team when the levels reach a minimum level, which can be decided jointly by the higher levels of management. It gives you time to make an order for raw materials and start the manufacturing process.

4. Manufacturing Standards

To ensure maximum productivity, the manufacturing process should run smoothly. An interruption should be avoided immediately. When you have an ERP application, it is easy to standardize the process. If there is a change in the worker team who used to handle a particular machine, they can look at instructions and the standard procedure on the ERP software and carry forward the manufacturing process.

It makes the workers efficient and maintains an effective workflow by reducing the scope of errors. It also helps to maintain a consistent quality of the end product.

5. Cloud Storage

Most companies prefer to store all ERP software information on a cloud rather than on-site because it is more secure that way. Since all information is on the cloud, the ERP software works fast without impeding or slowing down daily operations. You can interact with local and overseas suppliers and retailers whenever you want.

6. Customer Relationship Management

Your retailers can visit the software to check the price list, place orders, and negotiate prices and terms of delivery, and maintain an online address book. Rather than having long verbal communication with prospective and existing retailers, you can use the ERP as CRM software to provide all instructions and details of your products.

You can also use the ERP software to receive organized orders from your retails. You can ask the ERP developer to create a matrix-like format, where the retailer can select the product, color, size, and quantity. Include a column that mentions the quantity of that particular item is left in your inventory. It gives them a better idea of their needs and might purchase the entire lot, which absolutely works in your favor. You can also create a special section for the retailers to handle their personal inventory of products purchased from your brand. These added benefits will boost their productivity and forge a strong, long-lasting business relationship between both the parties.

Apparel ERP software has multiple benefits that boost productivity by simplifying things and encouraging employees to perform better. We have vast experience in ERP software development and will help your apparel company develop a custom one for you.

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