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Top 10 Tips for Exercising with Back Injuries

Whenever you hear of a new exercise, you feel like trying it. Often, you end up doing more than your body permits and leave the gym with an injury. This scenario has happened with most of us. To avoid such a situation, the best move would be to do only those exercises your body can handle.

People who already have a delicate body part like back pain should learn to know about the myths and facts regarding back pain. They should also know which exercises can increase the pain and which are the best for pain relief.

If you are also worried about back pain, it is suggested that you read about the top 10 tips for exercising with back injuries mentioned below and learn from it.

  1. Never Exercise When You Already Have Intense Pain

When you have intense pain in the back, you should stay away from exercise and go to Halo Health to buy products like decompression belts to reduce the pain. Once the pain level has decreased, only then you should think about exercising. If you are not sure which exercises are the best, talk to your doctor or hire a personal trainer to take you through the process.

  1. Walk Instead of Jogging or Running

Though jogging and running burn more calories than walking, the latter is a smart option for you if you have back pain. Walking, unlike jogging or running doesn’t put much strain on your back and allows you to keep your heart healthy while enjoying some sunshine.

  1. Swim Whenever Possible

You should also opt for swimming rather than signing up for high impact aerobic classes. Though there are many benefits of swimming, it’s a boon for back pain sufferers as it’s a low impact exercise that doesn’t need you to twist your back. Do more of backstrokes and breaststrokes if you have back pain rather than freestyle and butterfly as the former need less trunk rotation.

  1. Switch Planks with Crunches

Though crunches are a superb exercise option, you should stay away from them as they may increase back pain when the spine is rounded. You should instead try planks, especially planks that are performed on knees, forearms or toes as it will strengthen your core muscles. Hold for 30 seconds at a time.

  1. Remember that Lateral Raises are Good

You should do lateral raises as they work your shoulders without putting too much pressure on the back. They are a better option than the overhead shoulder press which can compress the spine.

  1. Avoid the Treadmill

If you are a fan of treadmills and the back pain is preventing you from exercising on it as it can strain your back, you should switch to a stairclimber. It allows you to keep your back straight while letting you use the hip girdle muscles and quadriceps which will protect your back some more.

  1. Try Hot Yoga

The thought of doing yoga can be terrifying for people who have back pain. If you are among them, then you should know about and try hot yoga. It will help strengthen the muscles around your midsection and would help get relief from chronic back pain. As you will be in a heated room, you will loosen up tight muscles easily.

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