Top Ten Free Bulk Email Verifies and Validation Tools to Send Mass Emails.

Any business strategies require the ‘list cleaning’ process of email being sent in bulk. The outbound, inbound strategy, or any b2b or b2c prospecting needs the email marketing in the world deeply digitalized. The B2B prospects need a cost-effective method to meet their goals of lead generation. Email marketing is the most cost-effective and easiest way to reach your leads. The passing of the funnels is okay but how do you determine that the emails reached your audience or not. To understand your reach, conversion rate, deliverability rate, and sustainable levels, you need to get a valid proof of your emails to send in bulk. To make sure it is delivered and not in the spam section. It is always necessary to clean your email list with Email Verification Tools, before starting a bulk email sending campaign

The companies who are marketing at various ranges online take care of the basics that are to reach customers with validation. The b2b data providers are the core of any sales and marketing strategy. It is to see if the data provided by the target audience is better for engagement. The b2b email prospecting software is to help understand the process of validation or ‘list cleaning’ as to see the authentication of any mail and omit the wrong address. It also gives healthy results as in the action before and after sending the emails.

Why is it used?

The companies send emails at bulk to their new and old customers mail I’d to promote or introduce to the new offers created by the company. When you figure out that most of the emails you sent are bounced back or the emails are invalid. It will land you in trouble as the more email bounces you will be termed as a spammer. Further, your IP address will be blocked. The blocking of your IP address comes at a huge cost. Being blocked by ISP and damage to the IP is a great loss. Hence, it is better to have a verification of the mails that you provide services to.

How does it work?

The installation of the email prospecting software helps in.

  • Check the syntax of the email address.
  • Detection of the honeypot. Spam seeds or bad emails.
  • Removal of duplicate emails.
  • Remove unknown, inactive emails.
  • Remove the spam traps
  • SMTP verification i.e. ping mailbox.
  • Also, detect role-based accounts.
  • Helps you from getting bounce rates,

After all the cleaning process what is left is the list of healthy, valid, trusted, and active email addresses. You can use this cleaned list to send emails. It will now not cost any damage to your IP address or waste your time invested. It helps in creating a healthy reputation in the eyes of Internet Service Providers.

Other Important benefits.

Email prospecting tools not only provide a ‘ clean and healthy list of emails’ but other benefits as well. The b2b lead generation tools have powerful usage in the market.

  • An increase in conversion rate, usage of email prospecting tools help in reaching real active customers. The more the reach is with the customers, you can focus on customizing the content, testing better content, and nurturing your potential audience. Instead of worrying that the mail is hitting the spam folder. A healthy reach will provide you with a high conversion rate.
  • Improved deliverability, the cleaning of the email list is a big relief for those opting for cold emailing or the ones sending emails to the old customers. The deliverability reports help in adding volume to the time you invested in creating good quality content. It escapes you from shooting in the dark.
  • No spam folder traps. The landing of your mails in the right account will help you gain a good reputation. The email verifier tools help you get rid of the honeypot, bad emails, and incorrect email addresses. Saves you from wasting time ensuring a reply from an inactive email and provides the right approach with the audience.
  • ROI, you need to keep updating your email list at a certain interval. Focus on the potential old and new lead generation and generate/ create better reach.

 List of top ten free bulk email verifiers and validation tools.

  • EmailListVerify, the free and most powerful tool to send mass email. It helps you get hold of the email address providing honeypot, bounce back, spam trap. It will provide you with the basic and improved conversion rate and ROI tracker. It also has the feature to perform SMTP and MTA validation along with the basic requirements needed.
  • ClearOut is considered the best bulk-free email software tool. It provides an accuracy of 98%. It has all the features one needs to get rid of the honey pot, inactive and bad email address. The tools have the best algorithm to perform the duties at a very fast speed. One can blindly have reliability one the this tool which is free and the results are accurate.
  • AeroLeads, this tool not only provides a clean list but also puts you a list of the contact details of your local business leads. It can connect the mail address to LinkedIn and Xing to give you authentic details. It along with a good conversion rate adds your list with the name, contact number, and profession so it gives you a list of potential reach. It lessens your work and helps you target better.
  • MyEmailVerifier, the tools collaborators with yahoo email address. The best it is known for. It also gives you the reason for a bounce-back or any error found because of its advanced SMTP process. It also delivers the features you need for healthy email real quick.
  • QuickEmailVerification, used by the most top marketing professionals. This tool is very fast in detecting errors and gives you relief from the spam, honeypot, wrong email address. Mostly used for financial, commerce, and retailers, the e-commerce sector mail list works wonder here.
  • DeBounce, being the fastest tool to provide an error detection in the list of emails uploaded, the tool also gives you information about the mails that reverts your sent mails and open rates. It compares your email sent periodically and hence you can improve with the data provided.
  • Email Checker, the best and most easy to use email verification tools. It works for all the websites with given data. The result may take some time.
  • Zero Bounce, as the name, suggests it is great to use for the decrease in the number of bounce back emails. It saves your IP address and saves you from Being banned or landing in the spam folder. It works best to save its reputation. Best for checking the bounce and spam email address.
  • Never bounce, the tool is cheap and user friendly. You can get a list of clean emails that have most of the conversion and open rates.
  • Blaze verify, prominently used for the feature which is drag and drop interface, customized exports, and good score in giving a reputation. The most innovative and effective tool to send promotional tools.

Email marketing is very effective to provide revenue to the company. One can choose any strategy to reach the free local business leads at a sheer speed. You can have inbound or outbound strategy but will always include Email marketing with good content. The tools which send mass emails are widely used and saves you from landing in the spam and wasting your time creating good content and reaching to the leads.

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