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Types of Treatment a Liverpool Orthodontist Might Recommend

One of the most common cosmetic treatments in the dental industry is the correction of a patient’s crooked or misaligned teeth. Not only is it for improving aesthetics, straightening out your smile can come with a host of other benefits and there are a number of different orthodontic treatment methods at your disposal for fixing up those molars.

Removable braces

Normally comprised of a thin strip of metal and a see-through plate that’s attached to your upper or lower palate. These are custom moulded to fit your mouth relatively comfortably and quickly in a simple and painless procedure.

These are normally used for minor corrections, but if a larger area is being altered then you would need to wear a fixed brace.

Fixed brace

Although it may not look like it, this procedure is one of the least invasive dental treatments you will undergo. The dentist will use a special glue to fit metal brackets to your teeth, then a strip of wire will connect these together and the whole thing is held together with tight elastic bands.

You may feel some discomfort for around a week as your teeth are being nudged around your mouth, but you will get used to the sensation after a while.


Often referred to as an ‘orthodontic helmet’, these are used to aid in the correction of severe dental problems like overbites or underbites, as well as helping in the retention of the teeth or jaw.

Attached via hooks and a system of straps, it may be the most noticeable of dental gear to wear, but treatment normally lasts for around 12 to 18 months and you can remove it at will if it becomes uncomfortable.


Thanks to modern technology you can now have a science-fiction style brace to wear. Invisalign is an interesting type of treatment as it involves using a 3D image of your teeth to produce a clear mouthguard that will slowly adjust your teeth. A neat feature of it is that it lets you see how your smile will look at the end of your treatment.

The procedure is painless and there’s also no dental goop left in your mouth as with manually made impressions. Plus, it’s a relatively quick process, perfect if you have a busy schedule.

The mouthpiece is also removable for things like eating and practising good oral hygiene and it’s relatively easy to clean. Just use a small amount of aligner cleaning solution and give it a light scrubbing every other day to remove any stains or bacteria that might build up.

As you can see there are a lot of interesting and unique treatments on offer if you’re looking to fix some misshapen teeth or just try to make your smile look it’s absolute best. Hopefully, a few of these might be what you’re looking for, but it also helps to have a conversation with your dentist if you have any concerns.

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