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Why Budapest Dental Clinics Are on The Rise

Hungary is known around the world for its great food like Brassoi, Kolbasz Sausage, and Rakott Krumpli, but it’s also quickly becoming a hub for travellers looking for dental work. In the last few years the number of tourists stopping off at a Budapest dentist practice has just skyrocketed, but why are so many people travelling to Eastern Europe for this?

We’ve highlighted a few key facts that may be the cause of it all.

The Distance

For those living deep in the heartland of Europe, Budapest is a pretty easy city to get to. Because Hungary is a landlocked country that’s surrounded on all sides by the likes of Romania, Serbia, Yugoslavia and a few more, there are plenty of people that regularly stop by.

Unlike the UK, which is surrounded on all sides by ocean and requires a lengthy flight to cross, in Eastern Europe you’re just a bus ride away from a Hungarian dentist.

The Training of Staff

Because of the growing demand for procedures, the resulting increase in staff means that Hungarian dental students are becoming more highly trained. The majority of universities have courses featuring training in multiple languages as well as placements abroad to help broaden the skill sets of students even further. Which in turn results in the dentists of a higher standard setting up shop in places like Budapest or Szeged, Hungary’s third-largest city located close to the border of Serbia.

The prices

It’s no secret that sometimes the price of a procedure can put many people off from having something that would greatly benefit them. As an example, in the UK you’re likely to pay much higher for something like implants than you would in other parts of Europe.

This is down to the various tax rates applied to this type of industry and in Hungary, it’s pretty high. Although that may seem like a bad thing, what that does is it means dentists can make their prices lower. So, an implant abroad will cost you significantly less than if you were to get it done in the United Kingdom, which is another big selling point for people visiting Budapest for dental work.

The Extra incentives

As if the ease of travel and the lowered prices weren’t enough, some practices have also taken to providing extra perks for their international clientele.

Everything from the booking of your accommodation, to transport to and from the airport and even making sure you have the correct medical documents on hand when you arrive. A few places have even started up a partnership with certain hotel chains to provide travellers with a discount on their stay.

These are just a few of the reasons as to why more and more patients are taking to jet-setting to exotic locales for their dentistry. If you’re curious as to whether this may benefit you, then why not consult a few international practices to see what they have on offer?

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