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Video Marketing: 5 Mistakes You Should Avoid!

In the world of marketing, videos have become a preferred choice to get the user to generate an appropriate response. If you look at the stats, you will find that the returns are great with email marketing video. But you need to aware of the fact that if you publish poor-quality video, your brand is undoubtedly going to develop the negative image. If you think that you can grab a video with your smartphone and put it in email and it will be an instant hit when you are thinking in the wrong direction. Poorly made videos may frustrate your audience who is more on guard than ever before. When you are going for an email marketing video, you need to avoid these mistakes:

Mistake-1: You Are Selling Hard On The Video

If you think videos as a medium to sell hard, then you need to be bear in mind that things have changed dramatically from the days of sales push.

To Do:  You should be direct in your video messaging as the duration of the videos is usually short, and you need to get to the point but be creative in what you say. Please tell a simple story to people about using your product and its benefits.  You should show your products in action, and the let your product do the talking. Instead of pushing value, you should try to connect with the audience on an emotional level by relating the use of the product with their needs.

Mistake-2: Use Video For Creating Brand Awareness

Videos are a great way to engage the audience and a great tool to create brand awareness. Never confuse a video as the top of the funnel tool. They are as effective when they push through the middle of the funnel when you want them to close the sales.

To Do:  If you want people to make a decision, then you should make a product demo video so that they can understand the various features of the product and then take a suitable buying decision.

Mistake-3: No Misrepresentation

When you are sending an email marketing video to thousands of visitors at once, then you should make sure that you are not being misrepresented. To this end, you should avoid large poster images, flashy headlines, and inaccurate descriptions. It hurts your brand as well. The result may be that you are struggling to save your terrible online reputation.

To Do: Rather than giving the wrong information, you should come up with correct details and titles. You should ask a question and disclose the answer in the video. You can also request a question in the title and make use of the video to explain the same. It is better to remain up-to-date and to trend.

Mistake-4: You Are Overlooking The SEO

The first thing you need to understand is that search engines need text to crawl to figure out what the video content involves and how it relates to the search queries. As video has hardly any text, you should be wary of it.

To Do:  You need to wary of the video SEO tactics. You should incorporate keywords in the titles and descriptions.  You should make use the best use of the metadata and should consider transcribing the video or make use of the closed captions to give search engines more content to crawl.

Mistake-5: Making Use Of One Or Two Channels

When you are making use of the videos in the mails or your websites or on YouTube and think that it is enough, then you may not be doing the right thing.  You should try to make use of many channels, and the successful strategy is to market your video across multiple channels.

To Do:  The channels you choose should depend on your audience and where they are spending most of their time. You should try to leverage social media and e-mail marketing as well.

In the End

Whether you are using email marketing video or using them on any other channel, make sure that you are not making these mistakes so that you get the best result out of your efforts.

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