Tips to Help keep Your Factory well Maintained

The investment that goes into an industrial business is huge. Getting set up involves large capital expenditure and then there are large additional and ongoing costs that aren’t involved in a regular storefront retail business. There is rent to pay, a big force of labourers to employ and manage and machinery to buy and look after. The factory is a huge asset that needs constant money and management and your business depends on it functioning optimally. If your factory comes to a standstill, so does your production and so too your income generation capability. It is important to invest properly in the efficient management of your factory.

Industrial cleaning services

While your staff might seem like the best-equipped people to do the cleaning of the machinery and equipment, you might be better off leaving it to a professional industrial cleaning Caboolture company that specialised in industrial cleaning. Or have your staff do the regular day-to-day cleaning but then the service company can come and do a thorough machine clean.

Check your warranties

Keep track of the warranties on your equipment. If it is still under warranty you have additional benefits with the manufacturer and can call on them to do repairs and offer free advice. You can also have some things replaced or just have a maintenance plan embedded into the purchase agreement that puts you on a good fitting when things go wrong.

Use repair experts

Some of your maintenance you may be able to do using your own skills or that of your skilled staff. When it comes to the more technical work, and the work on machinery that is extremely valuable and pricey to replace, rather make use of experts that are qualified technicians to do the work. It also means that if the job is incomplete, the problem continues or there are worse problems, you can call the service providers back to redo or complete the work. It also takes the weight of responsibility in terms of skills and knowledge required to work on complicated equipment

Have backup

When you retire and upgrade old business equipment, if it doesn’t require too much storage space, keep it in good working condition so that if you have a malfunction you can get it up and running quickly and not lose production time. It might be that you need to sell the equipment to pay for the new instalments. If that’s the case, consider running all the machinery at between 60 and 80% so that is one unit fails, the others can pick up the slack and run at 100% while you get it back up and running again.

Dust levels

A very valuable measurement to have done regularly is the dust levels produced in the factory. This is important no matter what you are manufacturing as dust can get into the crevices of machinery and cause additional damage and wear and tear. The less dust you have, the less this will occur, so keep tabs on what is causing dust and find ways to minimise this.

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