What Is a Hydro Vacuum Excavation Truck? A Quick Guide

If you work in construction, your project may feel like it takes forever. No matter how long the construction workers work, it seems like they never make any progress. 

If you’ve felt this way, you’re not alone. There’s often some truth to this feeling. The traditional digging methods used in a construction project often take time and have significant inaccuracies. 

Fortunately, there’s an alternative to those traditional methods. A hydro vacuum can clear dirt from an area in less time and with greater accuracy. 

If you’re unfamiliar with a hydro vacuum excavation truck, don’t worry! We’ll explore what these trucks can do in the guide below.

Hydro Vacuum Excavation Truck Guide

Hydrovac trucks use hydro vacuum excavation to dig for several kinds of projects. This truck uses several parts to perform the excavation.

First, you’ll use a handheld want to spray pressurized water onto the digging area. The boom this brings acts like a vacuum that removes soil from this area. 

As you spray, your truck tank fills with mud. Once it’s full, you can dump the waste offsite and continue your work. The end result of this process is a hole or trench with smooth sides. 

Hydro Vacuum Excavation Truck Buying Guide

You can use a hydro excavation truck for several purposes. These include:

  • Dig potholes and locate underground utilities
  • Remove debris
  • Excavate piling holes
  • Dig in cold weather to remove hard ground
  • Repair pipes and sewers
  • Excavate in tight spaces
  • Trench soul to lay pipeline and cables

Different excavation trucks may perform some of these tasks better than others. Examine the various hydro vac trucks for sale to find the best model for your business. 

Additional Benefits of Hydro Vacuum Trucks

As you can see, hydro vacuum trucks can perform several tasks. However, the question is, can they be more efficient? 

The answer to this question is yes. These trucks offer a host of benefits that more traditional methods cannot. 

For example, hydro trucks have a decreased risk for damage. Since it doesn’t use metal tools to dig, it eliminates the threats that other methods rely on. 

There’s also decreased disturbance with these trucks. Hydro excavation is a much more precise method, leaving the rest of your worksite undisturbed. This smooth process allows you to complete the task in less time. 

These trucks are also safer for workers. Traditional methods rely on a worker standing in the trench to guide the digging tools. Hydro excavation allows your equipment and workers to remain distanced from the excavation site.

Finally, these tools are more cost-effective. They require less labor and restoration than other methods, making them cheaper for your job.

Find the Hydro Vacuum Truck You Need

These hydro vacuum evacuation truck tips can help you perform your work more efficiently. This equipment saves money, works faster, and protects your crew. 

So, don’t hesitate. Search for the best hydro vacuum truck today!

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