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Which CBD Oil Extraction Method Produce Best Cbd Oil?

the plant can cause psychoactive effects. this is due to the THC found in this plant. The development in the technology used today, however, has enabled companies to safely extract cannabidiol oil from cannabis without this psychoactive cannabinoid. Take your time and learn more about CBD oil extraction methods.

About CBD & several CBD products

The market is flourishing with CBD hemp oil products today which makes it even difficult to identify the best CBD oil. the main reason why you will find several products of CBD in the market is because of their medical value. CBD oil benefits include management of pain, anxiety, depression, weight, inflammation, diabetes among other health conditions. Cbd oil can be used to make products such as CBD edibles gummies, CBD oils, CBD topicals and creams, vapes, and even tinctures. These lines of products make it easy to apply the CBD oil in such a way that it will unleash its medical value within the shortest time possible. In the case of CBD edibles gummies, you will simply chew them as they get digested in your stomach. Topicals can be applied on the skin surface to reduce pain.

How CBD extraction is made possible

There are over four methods used in CBD oil extraction. In this case, we shall look at two which are the commonly used methods. You need to understand that cannabis as a plant has various species. For instance, marijuana is characterized by high THC content while the hemp plant has a high content of cannabidiol. As a result of this, most hemp CBD oil for medical use is extracted from the hemp plant. There are some places where cannabis has been legalized which provide a conducive room for companies to set up structures used to extract the CBD drops.

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Solvent Extraction method

The solvent extraction method uses alcohol to extract CBD from the hemp plant. However, ethanol is the commonly used solvent due to its chemical properties. After obtaining a required amount of cannabis plant trimmings, ethanol is always added. they are then mixed for some time. Ethanol will then dissolve the compounds in the cannabis plant. Ethanol will then be separated from cannabis trimmings. The last process involves heating the mixture (ethanol and extract) where the ethanol will evaporate and leva behind CBD hemp oil extract.


  • It doesn’t require the use of expensive machines making it less costly
  • It’s the fastest CBD oil extraction method
  • It doesn’t require more power for the heating process.
  • There is no complication involved in the extraction process making it simple


  • Ethanol is flammable making it a dangerous method
  • The extract will contain chlorophyll
  • You will need a secondary method to obtain the best CBD oil

Co2 extraction method

This is the most recommended method for the CBD oil extraction method. however, it’s costly and expensive due to experts and machinery required in the entire process. Best CBD oil extracted using this method is normally used in CBD gummies and edibles. The process uses supercritical CO2 (having both liquid and gas properties).

The first chamber will contain pressurized CO2 while the other second one holds the hemp plant. CO2 in the first chamber is then pumped into the chamber containing the hemp plant. Supercritical CO2 will separate the oil from the hemp plant materials. Oil and CO2 will then be pumped into the third chamber and exposed at a given temperature and pressure to allow evaporation of CO2 gas. You will the best CBD oil.


  • Selective and turntable which allow you to obtain more other cannabinoids separately
  • You can automate the extraction process
  • Doesn’t leva behind residual solvent making it bets for vaping
  • Produce high quality of CBD oil


  • Uses very expensive machines making it costly
  • Require highly trained and experienced professionals to operate
  • It’s very slow if less expensive machines are used

Which extraction is the best?

Based on the resources you are willing to allocate for the extraction method; you may have various perceptive. As we have said, the CO2 extraction method requires too much for you to set it up. This makes it suitable for companies working on large-scale production of best CBD oil. On the other side, the ethanol/solvent extraction method is very cheap and can be used for small scale production of CBD hemp oil, say for home use. On the contrary, when it comes to quality and safety, there is no debate. CO2 extraction is the best method you can choose.  Consuming CBD drops extracted using CO2 extraction method will help you to avoid harmful compounds like chlorophyll and THC.

Final thoughts

Having knowledge about something ng helps you to make improved decisions especially whenever you want to buy the products. If you are determined to buy CBD edibles, then always try to find out the method used in the extraction of CBD oil used. The CO2 extraction method is so far the best method you can always rely on whenever you are looking for any products.

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