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Why may Invisible Braces be a Good Option for me?

Invisible braces are a more subtle option for patients who may wish to avoid obvious orthodontics. Invisible braces and ‘Invisalign’ are becoming increasingly popular within modern dental work, primarily due to their discreet appearance and their high success rate. However clear braces are not for everyone, and your dentist should recommend the best option for your individual needs. Invisible/ white braces as well as aligners are popular with adults who wish to rectify their dental concerns without the obvious appearance.

How do Braces Actually Work?

Braces are extremely common with patients of all ages, however many patients may not actually know the way in which they straighten the teeth. Braces work by using brackets, these brackets are attached to wires within traditional braces, which aim to straighten the teeth, by encouraging them to move in a certain direction. Clear aligners such as Invisalign work by using a customised tight fitting retainer that fit around the teeth. Although Invisalign is the biggest producer, there are several other producers, such as Inman aligners and Smart Moves. In terms of ‘tooth coloured braces’ or ‘white braces’ these may be an option for older patients. White braces work in a similar way to traditional metal braces, the most significant difference is that the wire and brackets are ceramic, and blend in with the patient’s teeth.

Why might white braces be a good option for me?

White braces, also known as ceramic braces are rising in popularity. The white ceramic material blends in with your teeth, and therefore may be a more attractive option for someone who does not want to impact their confidence. Although white braces may be more expensive, patients may priorities their confidence over financial concerns. In terms of caring for ceramic braces, it is important to try and reduce discolouration of the brackets, however white braces may be a better option if the treatment time for braces scares you. White braces can ensure the treatment time feels shorter, as well as being an option for reluctant teens, who may feel self-conscious about the traditional ‘train track’ option.

How do clear aligners work?

Clear aligners work by slowly adjusting the aligner to move the direction of your teeth. Once your dentist or orthodontist has had an initial consultation with you, they may decide a clear aligner may be a good option for you. Clear aligners involve several fittings of the aligner which make slight adjustments to your teeth over time. Aligners are updated every few weeks and can be made from either a plastic or acrylic material.

How long do clear aligners take?

Every treatment period is different in order to accommodate patients’ individual needs, however as a general rule, the more severe the overbite or crookedness of the teeth, the longer the treatment time. For new patients, aligners may take from 10-24 months, however if you are an adult and have had a form of braces in the past, this will shorten your treatment period, for example, it may be reduced to as little as ten weeks.

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