10 Skin Trends That Will Be Huge In 2019

Just like it is important to take good care of our health it is equally important to take care of your skin. We always see that trends in fashion grab a lot of attention but it is not the case with skin care trends. With growing awareness of the importance of having healthy skin, the world is now changing and all the trends that help you maintain your skin are coming in the limelight. Take a look at some of the skin trends that you can expect to be trending in the upcoming year, 2019.

  • Go Natural

One of the biggest trends that have been rocking the current times is the natural look. This shows that the trends have started inclining towards the basics. The basics are in trends. This includes taking good care of the skin without chemical based products or routines that involve multiple steps. The brands have shifted their focus in providing the customers with products for cleansing, moisturizing and toning above any other function because this is what the customers are looking for.

This shift in trend to a simpler approach for skin care is best suited to the fast-paced life. it also allows everyone time to focus on other things like mental health, self-care, and wellness all while they have better healthier skin. Use your nykaa coupons to get the best of toners, moisturizers and beauty products of your choice. Find a huge range of products of this kind on the Nykaa website.


Just as mentioned above, natural is trending. The Bakuchiol trend is a natural trend that is a gentle approach as opposed to the harsher retinol option that is used in the beauty industry to prevent wrinkles and fine lines. It also helps to improve pigmentation and to secure the firmness of the skin. There are different serums for different types of skins which you can buy from different sources.

Standout Pouts

Nude lips and glossy lips are a trend of the past now. Brace yourself to suit to stylish statement lip pout with pop colorful. Powerful colors with a matte texture will create magic and will give you the best of pouts.

Choose the color of your choice. There are a lot of options like red, pink, coral, purple and berry shades that you can find on the nykaa website. Once you have selected the shade of your choice you can choose between the textures like matte, crème, liquid and metallic.

Head on to the Nykaa website to get the perfect lipstick. Use the Nykaa codes to get the perfect pouted lips at your workplace or the occasion you are planning to visit.

  • Non- Surgical nose jobs

Our nose in defines our face in a distinct way. With changing times people are becoming more and more open to facing modification surgeries but are still skeptic about the outcomes of surgical methods and there is a fear while opting for them. in such a time, nonsurgical nose jobs attract more and number of people who wish to modify their features but not wanting to go under the knife. Also, the process of going under the knife takes longer and needs anesthesia and hospitalization. Not everyone has so much time to dedicate to it and thus non-surgical nose jobs are in trend.

The effect of this surgery lasts for about 2 years. It can also be recorrected in case you do not like the end result within the time span of 24 hours.

  • Brazilian Butt lifts

Thanks to famous celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Beyonce, the trend of Brazilian butt lifts has been gaining popularity. Through the surgery, you can successfully make your butt more attractive by adding shape and volume to it.

This is done by taking out your own body fat from the other parts of your body. This fat is then injected into your butt thus adding shape and volume to the butt.

  • Bespoke Skin Care

The bespoke skincare is a new and personalized way of looking at skincare. In this method, swabs are taken out from the client’s own cheek and through the swabs, DNA of the person is obtained and tested. Based on the results of the test specific products are prescribed. These products are in accordance with the DNA requirements of the individual’s skin.

The prescribed skin care products can be found on India’s leading beauty and lifestyle site nykaa.

Neuromodulators for a Tauter Skin

Neuromodulators are gaining more and more popularity these days in people of all ages. Be it young or the adults, people are more and more open to these surgeries. These surgeries may include Botox, Xeomin or disport.

By using these methods, you can prevent evident signs of aging like wrinkles on the face. The best advice to someone who is considering this method is to get it done only by a qualified dermatologist or plastic surgeons who are trained well to perform such operations and modifications.

  • New age fillers

The body;’s collagen levels can be enhanced with the help of fillers like calcium hydroxyapatite and hyaluronic acid. These help the individuals to retain a youthful skin for a longer span of their life.

There are fillers like boletero, Juvederm and Restylane that have been specially modified to give a natural look.

  • Taking beauty supplements

This is usually opted by the people who are not fond of surgeries, fillers or nonsurgical modifications and are keen on maintaining their health of the skin. These people can opt for external supplements that suit their needs and help them get their desired kind of skin without expensive, artificial methods. You can get a number of supplement on the website.

The supplements are more and more readily available these days and this might be a contributing factor to the popularity of these supplements. This way of skin trend also promotes the idea of being beautiful from inside and from outside as it also includes modifications in diet.

  • Light therapy for a bright skincare

With the advancement of technology, light therapy has come into limelight. The therapy is not new but with more and more research in the area has made us know the benefits of light therapy.

It is said that different lights can help to treat different skin conditions. the red light is beneficial to treat inflammation, yellow to combat anti-aging, blue for the treatment of acne and so on.

The therapy is one of the others that are gaining popularity rapidly.

Above were some of the trends that are here to stay in the year 2019. Most of the necessary products that help in beauty enhancement can be bought online on the nykaa website by using different nykaa coupons. So what are you waiting for?

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