Top Android Apps for Music Lovers in 2019

One of the best thing that is used to empower the other people when they are facing the life challenge is Music. As a music lover , you don’t need to spend money to acquire the tool which will help you to listen the music of your favourite artist. Most of the applications are for the Smart Phones that are developing everyday. If you you have affordable money, then as music lover you need to buy any android smart phone.These devices gives the opportunities to it’s users to install the thousands of apps from the applications market. Most of the smart phones are android operating system based. So how you can listen music on these awesome device? Well you need to download and install the music applications (Android Apps for Music Lovers) which will then help you to listen the music.

Google Play is one of the top most applications store and thousands of applications users can find from Google Play. In thousands of these applications , choosing the right applications is best for the purpose of enjoying the music. Know about the top three android applications that users can easily download from applications market and then enjoy the music on their devices.


Pandora is the top most application that is used for the purpose of listening music and from the start this application got millions of it’s users. The reasons for it’s popularity is due to it’s awesome features due to which user can easily listen the music.Also Pandora is the called to be the popular Internet radio from which user can enjoy the songs of their favourite artist with the use of this application on their device. It is blessed with amazing features as well as it is free to use so from now download this application and install it.



Second top most applications that user can utilize to listen the music is Shazam. Like Pandora, this application is also blessed with superb features and has an awesome interference. One of the main benefit of using this application is that it will give you information about every song that you want to listen. It feels very difficult to find out the info of your favourite song while searching the web, but this application is very helpful for you. The features in this application that it’s users can utilize are that you can download your favourite songs, you can also buy songs from Amazon music store and many more other features.


Tune In Radio

Another top most and best applications for listening music for android devices is “Tune In Radio”. Music geeks can use this application to listen their favourite songs, keep updated from the latest music news and many more. Same as Shazam application, the search function of this application is most popular for searching out the music,artist or any album. This application is has both free version as well as paid version. In free version, it comes up with ads while in paid version it is ads free.



Now it’s your turn to let us know that which application is best for you and why. Give us your feedback by leaving your comments below.

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