4 Steps to Ensure Your Child’s Safety This New Year

The lives of all parents revolve around their kids. Parenthood is bliss, and we do all that is possible to keep our kids safe and healthy. With the Coronavirus pandemic impacting the lives of kids across the nation, they have more time to play and enjoy extra-curricular activities. Next to the few hours of online classes and home study, they feel free to do anything they like. Now that the New Year has just begun, most kids have their minds focused on certain goals or activities.

But should you allow your children to play outside or spend time during in-person classes nearby? You might not know how to think right in this aspect because of lack of awareness. Air pollution is one of the leading causes of respiratory health problems in children, as per WHO

With air quality deteriorating further over time and the continued impact of pandemic, you should ensure your kids get the least exposure to pollutants and germs. Buying a mask for kids is not the only thing you need to do. Read more about the steps you should follow to keep your kids safe.

  • Manage Outdoor Playtime

Post relaxation of lockdown restrictions, you might have allowed your kids for outdoor activities now. But this does not mean they should continue playing outdoor sports most of the time. It is crucial for you to be strict in managing their playtime. It can be a few hours in the evening or a little more than that over the weekend. Doing this is important as the harmful Coronavirus is not the only thing to worry about. Continued exposure to the high air pollution level can cause health issues, which is the last thing you would want for your kids.

You can also ensure maximum protection by buying the best quality mask for kids available online. 

  • Make Them Wear Good Quality Masks

Kids do not know much about how to check the quality of a mask before buying it. But as parents, you should. Keep in mind that the right selection of masks for kids can go a long way in protecting them from the virus and pollutants. At the very least, you should check the filtration efficiency of a mask for kids before buying it. 

Wondering if all masks have their efficiency specified upfront? Yes, most reliable and top-quality masks for kids do. It may be favorable to buy a 3-layer face covering to ensure a higher level of protection. If you find it hard to convince your kid about wearing a mask, buy an attractive Marvel mask for kids. Go for products like Airific Marvel. Made with leading-edge nanotechnology media, it is best suited for kids as it offers the least breathing resistance. You can select from amazing prints of your kids’ favorite Marvel character online.

  • Develop Higher Immunity with Right Eating Habits

Unhealthy eating habits in kids is a common story of every household. You might have struggled to let your kid eat a full healthy meal on time. While you have lesser control over the increasing pollution level, you can build higher immunity in your kids’ bodies by helping them develop the right eating habits.

Eating good quality food does not have to be boring for kids. You can make it exciting and fun by preparing healthy dishes for kids that are also good for the taste buds. More importantly, let your kids understand the need for quality food to be immune to various lifestyle diseases. The more they understand this, the easier it will be for them to lead a healthy lifestyle.

  • Help Your Kids Stay Active and Fit

Amidst the lockdown phase of pandemic that has ended only recently, we all have learned about the importance of staying fit and active. Irrespective of whether you go out or stay home most of the time, physical exercise and sports should be a part of your life. The same is true for your kids as well. 

When you think about air pollution and Coronavirus, your initial response for kids’ playtime is obvious – A big ‘No.’ However, the benefits of staying physically active for kids outweighs not involving in sporting activities at all. Indeed, regular exercising helps kids with faster bodily growth, enabling them to build muscles. If going out is a concern, you can ensure health protection with the best quality mask for kids.

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