5 Cities Hosting The Best Holi Celebrations In India

Are you planning your Holi weekend? Why not play Holi away from home and indulge in the time of your life amidst the craziness the festival carries? India is fully prepared to play not only a safe Holi but also one which proves to be twice the fun; part for this year and part for the one we left behind.

Here are some of the cities in India that host the vibrant festival in style while staying true to tradition. Choose one – or more – and get ready to revel in colors. Use a reliable car rental app to book a thrilling road trip to your Holi destination!


Let’s start the list with an obvious location to hit it off for this Holi. Delhi is known for its Bollywood style Holi. People belonging to all age groups get together and start celebrating quite peacefully, with a tilak on the forehead. Don’t get fooled by the peaceful beginning of the festival because the celebration is anything but that. True to their innate party culture, people here do not shy away from drenching themselves in all kinds of colours and Gulaal from head to toe. You will find yourself merrymaking, laughing, and of course, indulging in Holi-special dishes in a matter of minutes!


While we are in Delhi, let’s travel a little farther in Uttar Pradesh towards Mathura. The birthplace of Lord Krishna is as playful as the Lord himself, if not more, when it comes to the festival of Holi. People here play with colours, pichkaris, and water, but what makes Holi at Mathura different from anywhere worldwide is its Lath Holi. When men flirt with women while playing Holi, they fend them off by playfully hitting them with sticks. The tradition depicts the playful yet loving relation between Krishna and Radha. It is an experience that you must tick off your bucket list.


Holi is a festival related mainly to North India. However, South India plays the joyous festival with as much vigour as its Northern counterpart. Holi at Hampi is not a loud business. So, if you are looking for a traditional turn to the festival to heal the soul while not shying away from some colours, Hampi is the right destination for you. Visit the temples here on Holi and dive into the traditions when you hear tales and stories popular among the locals.


Home to the Royal Family, Holi at Udaipur is nothing short of a royal feat that will fill you with wonder. Dress in the uniquely Rajasthani, bright attire and merge your joy with the enthusiasm of the locals. The first day of the festival is dedicated to Holika Dahan when the royal family put the pyre to fire, marking the festival’s beginning. You can also witness the regal procession of camels, elephants, horses, and every other royal element that you can imagine.


Talking about Holi, how can we forget to include Vrindavan? Another one of the cities touched by the grace and playfulness of Lord Krishna, Holi at Vrindavan, is goodbye to winter. You will find the streets filled with colours and musicians creating fun and charming background music everywhere you go. The phoolon wali holi (Holi played with flower petals) celebrated here is a softer, though no less fun, version of the amusing festival. 

You must be fired up for the festival just by reading how it is celebrated across India. What are you waiting for, then? Select an affordable taxi booking service and get going to douse yourself in colours of happiness.

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