5 Tips for a Valentine’s Heart-Stopping Newsletter

5 practical tips for creating your Valentine’s newsletter

The day of lovers is at the door. February 14th is the day dedicated to love and affection for loved ones all over the world. Roses, tickets, and chocolates cannot miss in the cart. Read now all our tips on how to create Valentine’s heart-stopping newsletter!

# 1 Valentine’s Day Newsletter: do not miss this opportunity

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to create a special campaign. Use email marketing to remember the importance of this day and to send customers all the information on the latest offers and products available.

# 2 Plan your Valentine’s campaign on time

Start planning Valentine’s newsletter a few weeks before. You can start by collecting all the important ideas and themes and then go on to write a calendar to organize the sending of the newsletter. At this point, you can start with the real campaign. The first thing to do is to divide the recipients into different groups. The criteria for subdivision may be, for example, gender, age or interests. Be as detailed as possible in order to prepare an offer tailored to each customer. Once the customers are divided into groups, you can think about the content of the email marketing campaign, keeping in mind the division between B2B and B2C communication.

You can thank B2B customers for their loyalty and offer gifts, such as an infographic or an interesting E-Book. For B2C customers, you can create special and creative offers. A good idea is to organize a promotional game in order to capture the attention and strengthen the bond with the customers. Inform readers about the game from the first newsletter and proclaim the winners on Valentine’s Day giving away products, infographics and everything you think is appropriate. For non-winners, you can reserve discount vouchers to be used as soon as they buy a product.

# 3 choose a romantic item for your newsletter

Now concentrate on the object of Valentine’s newsletter. Choose something romantic and interesting that can capture the attention of customers. The object of the newsletter must know how to activate readers and intrigue them. Remember not to exceed 60 characters and immediately communicate the advantages you want to offer customers.

# 4 compose a clear and interesting text

When you write the contents of Valentine’s newsletter, use romantic words like love, friendship, and gifts. Make it easy for readers to understand what they are talking about in the newsletter.

# 5. Fall in love with your design

The design of your newsletter plays a fundamental role. The colors ideal for Valentine’s Day is the red scale, white and generally pastel shades. Choose the combination of colors and images that best represent your branding. Use images such as hearts, roses, petals or gift packages to reinforce the romantic character of your newsletter. Be creative to the maximum and transmit to your customers, thanks to your email marketing campaign, the essence of Valentine’s Day.

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