Why Is Mobile Gaming Now Bigger Than Console?

The journey of gaming from console to mobile is quite interesting. Before 2008, the mobile gaming industry struggled for sales. But with the launch of play store and iPhone both work as a fuel for the mobile gaming industry. Until 2012, the speed of improvement was not that fast but after that, the time of mobile gaming was stared.

After 2012, developers of countries like Japan, Europe, and North America knows the value of the in-app purchase, and hence they start the trend of free to play games. Some of the known name Clash of Clans and Puzzle & Dragons have earned millions of dollar at each day. All these things can be done with a mobile device, and it is a fact that it is not possible to do with the console.

Some of the other games that join this ‘billionaire club’ like Pokemon Go, Monster Strike, Candy Crush Saga, Fates/Grand Order, the honor of Kings and PUBG. A game like PUBG comes with a different revolution in the gaming industry and the latest PUBG mobile 0.10 apk update roll out with nifty snow map. People spend many hours playing the game and even buy many things within the game. As per the report the revenue of PUBG reaches to $30 million and a lot more to go in the upcoming year.

So the mobiles games are reaching new levels daily and will generate more revenue than the pc and console gaming combined in upcoming years. In 2012, mobile gaming had shares of 18%, which increase to 50% in the year 2018.

PC and console gaming are not forgotten as some exciting titles like Fortnite, PUBG, Overwatch, Call of Duty, Battlefield and GTA give some exciting gaming experience to the gamers, but again the report says that compared to pc and console gaming the mobile gaming is growing much faster. Well, the PUBG PC download free available, but most of the people still like to play on their smartphones. The reason behind it is a mobile market and the price of mobile. It can be used for multipurpose and easily accessible from everywhere which also makes the mobile gaming in trend.

Another factor is the growth of people who are using smartphones. The rise of China’s mobile population is responsible for the boom in mobile gaming demand. The second one is India with approx. 1.3 billion people and the third one is Indonesia with 260 million people who are mainly responsible for the growth of the mobile gaming industry in upcoming years.

Significantly, for many of these people, their mobile phone will be their first computer – a so-called ‘mobile-first generation’ – so most of the things we do on desktop or laptops, they will be doing on mobiles, again including all their gaming. So the Asia Pacific is the largest region for game revenues.

This rise does not only show the revenue, but it also shows the influence of game developers to meet the demand of new gamers. The same thing is true for India, too. At present, they have a strong community of developers who are finding their path for mobile games. A study says that this industry can earn approx. $100 billion in 2021. And I think all these are prominent reasons for the bigger mobile gaming industry.

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