Best 3D Puzzle Games for Android in 2019

Puzzle games are a great way to get relaxation as they give a good exercise brain. Most of the puzzle games look simple yet they are complicated and are addictive with their logical strategies hidden behind the simple game theme.

Also solving puzzles is a great way to kill time if you are bored at your work. Puzzle games are a very popular game category that attracts millions of users.

With the advent of latest smartphones and operating systems, there are thousands of puzzle games with very interesting gameplay they arrange from simple puzzle games like 2048 to great strategy games like the room.

Android is the most popular operating system right now and many users can access millions of games instantly from Google Play Store. One can access thousands of puzzle games from the Google Play Store and play them in their free time.

It’s easy to download and play the game but the most important and difficult task is to find the best puzzle games. So here below we have listed the best puzzle games with the interesting game theme and decent gameplay to help you focus more on the game instead of searching for the game.

List of Best Free Android 3D Puzzle Games:

1. Mekorama:

Mekorama is a beautiful design Android puzzle game that is really cool and interesting it features a 3D design and looks great while playing. In spite of the 3D design, the app is still a very low MB Android game that works on any Android phone without any issues.

Talking about the gameplay all you need to do is to guide a bot to reach the destination by assisting it to find its way to the destination. It is a relaxing gameplay which is challenging simultaneously.

As you complete levels you can unlock more new levels. The best part of mekorama Android game is that you can even create new and interesting challenges and share them with players on Facebook and Twitter. Also, you can import challenges that were designed by other players.

The game is absolutely free and you don’t even see ads while playing the game additionally. if you want you can pay a small amount to the developer and is totally worth supporting the developer.

You can download the app from the Google Play Store and enjoy playing the game. So far the game has attracted 5 Million users.

2. Monument Valley:


The gameplay for Monument Valley revolves around manipulating the environment in order to let your character proceed to the next level. It’s similar to Fez in that it’s obviously inspired by Escher paintings, requiring you to manipulate “impossible” architecture.

The moment you see the monument valley game design you will definitely fall in love with the game user experience. with such a beautiful theme and user interface the game has attracted millions of gamers in just a short span of time.

It features a minimalist 3D design with the strategic gameplay. The optical illusions are quite satisfactory and will steal the show this stunning graphics.

We bet you can’t get away from this game once you start playing.

Download Monument Valley from Google Play Store and start exploring the never seen 3D world.

3. Interlocked

This is a very unique 3D game that looks very confusing on the first sight. when you start understanding the gameplay and the concept you definitely love the game.

Remember those play full wooden blocks that keep tinkering your brain? Interlocked is similar to those wooden blocks games that will challenge you to unlock the locked wooden blocks.

Interlocked serves up cleverly crafted 3D puzzles where the goal is to figure out how each interlocking level fits together in order to pull it apart.

With 5 challenging chapters, the game lasts very long and can help you kill your boredom. You can think your progress online and you can also use Google Play games to play with your friends.

The game is totally free with the support of ads and you can enjoy everything inside the game. You can get rid of those ads by paying a small amount to the developer.

4. Roll the Ball:

Roll the ball is one of the best puzzle game to test your IQ. It is Selected as editors choice in the genre of puzzles games on Google Play Store.

The game has a lot of challenges and it has nearly 3000+ levels to play. It is a very tricky game that only a few can play. It has a clean UI with the 3D interface and is very simple to play. All you need to do is to move the tile with your fingertip to create an optimal path for your balls to roll to the finish line! It gives good exercise to your brain and you can enjoy the classic puzzle at your own pace!

The game is available across all the mobile platforms including Apple’s iOS and Android. You can easily download the game to your mobile from their respective App Stores.

5. Unblock Me:

Unblock Me

Remember those classic wooden unblocker games that tinker your brain with puzzles? Well, you can now enjoy those classic puzzles games right on your phone. Thanks to the developers of Unblock Me game.

The game Improves your cognitive & problem-solving skills. It is a tiny game but is mighty in puzzles. It gives an Exercise to your brain with over 18,000 puzzles. Players can Choose from 4 challenging modes; Relax, Challenge, Multiplayer or Daily.

The game can be played offline and you don’t need to be connected. It allows you to sync the game progress and helps you easily resume the game where you left off.


These are some of the best puzzle games for Android with a 3D interface they share a lot of fun along with giving a good boost to your brain they also help you improve your intelligent question with the statistical gameplay. Out of all these mekorama is a good game for almost all the Android devices even with low specifications. While the other games do consume some of your hardware resources.

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