11 Tricks to Learn Python Programming Language!

As you know, many programming languages available in today’s world. And to be a good programmer you should always up to date in your field, but being a fresher, every student always ask this question, “which is the best tricks to learn python language?”

How to Learn Python Programming Language

According to programmers, only reading books, it’s not enough, you have to practice a lot for a good python developer.

Does another question arise that which is the best python GUI tool? because tools and languages always keep happening upgrade. So we have to learn always. There are many GUI tools available as open source like Kivi and Pyside.

Here we will discuss some tricks and ways to learn python developer, which is described below.

Practice Everyday

Ya sure, If you want to become a good python developer then practice every day, as you know when we do any work daily, then our mind has become addicted for that and we do not face any problem.

Accordingly, we should do coding 25-30 minutes daily so that our mind will be addicted to programming.

Make Notes

Most of IT companies take an interview and directly they do not provide you computer system, first of all, you have to write code on paper or board if you will be passed. Then you will have a system.

So you have to make notes, and when you start making notes for small-small projects and started to think about your coding before going to write on the computer. then you will save a lot of time because you will know what class and function I need as well as how they interact with each other.

Go interactive

You have to use some GUI tools, for learning python whether you are learning for developing an application, or testing.

However, you have to install python on your system before using GUI tools

Here we will help you to install the python language step by step also, GUI tools

Let’s see below

How to Download Python

  1. System Requirement: 25-90 Mb free space.
  2. Go to official website
  3. Click on the download window will appear on your desktop and choose to save file option.

  1. Double click on the downloaded folder.
  2. Choose to install now and it will take some time to install.
  3. Verify that you have installed or not, go to cmd and type python –version. It will show you python with the version installed.

And how to install GUI tools click here


It’s good to take a break after coding, as you know the only study is not good, for being a master you have to understand the concept,

According to us, you should do coding 25 minutes and after that take rest and repeat the process again and again

However, breaks are good when you are doing debugging because if you find any bug then you will be irritated by solving them so better is go for a walk and chat with friends and after some time again do coding or debugging. We are sure you will find your mistake.


You have to search for those people who also study python language near you. Discuss your project and issue, and code together. By this way, you can share your ideas and thoughts with others and they will also.

Don’t worry if you don’t know anyone there are several sites where have Python community, like you, You can go there and learn.


Best way to learn any programming language is to develop an application, doing only exercises is not helpful.

Once you understand the object-oriented programming concept then you will be able to develop any application. However, there are many small projects like Calculator, number guessing game develop etc.


It is aforementioned that the most effective thanks to learning one thing are to show it. this can be true once you are learning Python. There are some ways to try to do this: white boarding with different Python lovers, writing weblog posts explaining newly learned ideas, recording videos during which you justify one thing you learned, or just speech yourself at your pc. every one of those ways can solidify your understanding similarly as expose any gaps in your understanding.


Python is a best and easy language and based on the object-oriented programming language.

However, it’s not easy to learn new things but yet if you have a strong desire to learn python language, then by following the above steps you can learn. First of all, you have to install python on your computer then you can learn. Its most demanding language in the IT industries.

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