15 Best Coding Apps for Kids to Learn

Make Your Kids Learn These Coding Apps

Young children are fast learners. Older people are more efficient than young ones, but more adolescent brains are incredibly flexible to learn new languages. However, like conversational languages, it is a good idea to encourage children to learn kids coding programs.

Coding is the most practical skill to learn. There are now various simple and easy-to-use coding apps available to teach. Your kids can learn them before or while they learn to read. Coding programming for kids apps and games make learning to code inventing and fun. Coding is not only a part of technical skills, but instead, it also helps children build logical and creative thinking. The coding apps, may it be games, puzzles, riddles, or challenges, teach children to be more creative, maintain patience, and be a good problem-solver.

Reasons to Learn to Code

We use code to frame our day-to-day activities. We use various apps on our smartphones or deal with different programs at work, or manage accounts at a local grocery store, or use ATMs at nearby locations, etc., everywhere we do coding. However, you might be unaware of the fact, but coding plays an essential role in human life. The perception of learning to code is not new. It has set the ball rolling for many educational institutes for coding programs since the emergence of tech giants like Google and Amazon.

But, what makes coding vital? One most straightforward way to explain this is that staying marketable is a necessity to gain leverage. You are capable of taking more risks, but if some acts go wrong, you are likely to get back to your feet. You don’t have to wait until you pick out a suitable program to make your children invest in coding. You can start right by enrolling your child to the nearest coding classes in Toronto. Coding will not only be useful in professional events but will also help your children in various aspects of their future.

Many schools across the globe are offering coding activities in the classrooms. However, there are various ways to help your children learn or practice coding at home.

Self Learning is here only possible due to the websites, books, apps, and games developing every year, encouraging children to learn the programming language. Here are a few apps that can help your children learn to code.

1. Code Warriors: Hakitzu Battles

Code Warriors is a multiplayer game that helps kids learn the basics of coding. Learning with a battle with friends is indeed fun. The progressive stage-by-stage steps of skills help children conquer the essential elements of kid’s coding programs with the help of fun activities and set clear goals.

2. Kids Ruby

Kids Ruby helps children learn one of the most crucial coding programming language, “Ruby.” Together with teaching the basics of coding, this game also offers children the chance to use their code and experience the output. However, it makes learning to program both fun and easy.

3. Daisy the Dinosaur

The app ‘daisy the dinosaur’ help children even if four years of age learn the basics of programming language. It is a free iPad app. Moreover, it is an easy-to-understand fun game that allows children to code and create video games on their own.

4. Hopscotch

Hopscotch is a free iPad app suitable for children between 9 and 11 years of age. It helps children learn to program games with fun. The app contains a particular kind of learning programs and tutorials in video format that help children program games on their own.

5. Cork the Volcano Puzzlets

Cork the Volcano is not only an app but partly is also a hands-on activity. It is the best option for children, especially kindergarten goers. With this app, children plan, play, and program various coding basics and foster their set of skills to the next level.

6. Robot Turtles

‘Robot Turtles’ is another useful and fun app for children. It is a board game that teaches the fundamentals of programming to kids ages four and up. Making use of code cards, children scheme their robot turtle to achieve its matching jewel. Beware of the low-tech formate.

7. Coding Safari

Coding safari teaches the young kids with the age of 2+ years the fundamentals of coding. This unique app focuses on pre-coding abilities like decomposition, computational thinking, and problem-solving. It is entirely educational and engaging.

8. Osmo

Osmo is an exclusive app that teaches children to code with the usage of physical blocks connected to the computer with the Osmo tablet. There are two apps, Coding Awbie, and Coding Jam to help children learn programming for kids and many more new games that are more economical to buy in sets and packages.

9. Kodable

Kodable is one of the best award-winning programming apps for children that teaches them not only the basics but also the complex coding programming. In this app, children explore numbers of mazes. They pass through each maze and collect coins by utilizing programming logic. The guidance and lessons Kodable offers to the parents to help their kids learn coding makes the app sit apart.

10. Lego Boost

Lego boost allows children to create various lego models and scheme them with code. However, they program the models that make sounds and move with the help of drop and drag code. Logo Boost helps children learn to create five lego models organized in five different forms.

11. Coding Games for Kids

Code games for kids is especially helpful for young kids. It revolves around simple sequences, functions, arrays, loops, debugging, and coordinates. This animated game has a 2d layout with bright colors and geared towards building an individual set of skills.

12. Tynker

Tynker is one of the most far-reaching apps, usually taught as a part of elementary school programs. The title allows children to build apps and animations which they do by dragging and dropping puzzles and however, make them learn Swift, Python, and Javascript.

13. Code Karts

Code Karts is a coding app for preschoolers. It is a car racing game that moves around a custom made track. While racing, the app teaches kids the fundamentals of coding. The 60+ levels of this game come with various puzzling obstacles, two different game modes, and a lot of educational content for young preschoolers.

14. Lightbot

Lightbot is a challenging educational video game for kids. The upper levels of this game are challenging even for adults, whereas the beginning levels are the perfect resource for children.

15. Grasshopper

The ‘Grasshopper’ is an app by Google that helps children learn JavaScript employing mini-games. It offers two tracks; one for the beginners and the second for the advanced coders. Children, in the beginning, go through several stages of slides learning the code-basics. After each section, they play a short quiz section that reviews their learning till the stage. After passing all the quizzes, the player will attend the coding puzzles where children learn various coding terms like loops, variables, arrays, strings, operators, conditionals, functions, and objects. Every section in the Grasshopper ends with a quiz that ensures the player knows what he/she has grasped before moving to the next track.

Final Words

It would be hard to consider the right coding app for children since every child is different. If your kid is not interested in learning a specific application, there is indeed a chance to try another one. It is essential not to stress the little angels out too much.

If learning to code is too much for your child, you can try some child-friendly programming for kids & teens specifically designed keeping the prime needs of kids in mind. A professional institute like can help you in a better way to choose the right coding app for your child.

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