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Dental Implants for Multiple Missing Teeth

This treatment is best suited to patients who are already missing most or all of their teeth and whose lives are encumbered by an ill-fitting set of dentures. These people may be concerned about eating or laughing in public due to worries of their teeth falling out. Dentists agree that this is no way for people to live their lives and with High Dental Implants Melbourne, there is hope for patients to get a set of teeth that they can feel more confident about no matter how active their lifestyle may be.

The risks of missing a few teeth

A set of dentures help patients to chew and bite into food with a reasonable amount of efficacy, although many find it difficult. However, having a full set of teeth does more than just help people eat, the problem is deeper than that. As the jaw bone is the only bone able to reform and change its shape, it needs a set of teeth to hold onto in order to remain structurally sound, therefore the teeth are an important part of facial structure. While natural teeth remain firmly in place when secured into the jaw bone, they too give the jaw a reason to exist and encourage the bone to remain where it is – fused to the teeth. However, when the teeth are no longer there, the bone will begin to deteriorate as it no longer serves the function of securing the teeth and the body begins to dissolve the bone over time.

Once this deterioration starts to occur, patients will begin to look more aged as cheeks hollow out due to the fact that they sink into the face as the once shapely bone structure breaks down. However, with dental implants this process is halted and even reversed as explained below.

Why are tooth implants important?

Multiple tooth implants successfully fulfill the job of supporting a row of permanent and fixed false teeth but they also support the bone. Through the use of titanium, bone is encouraged to grow once more, in order to help sustain the jaw and in the long term the overall health of a patient’s appearance may well become more rejuvenated.

How does it work?

In order to place implants into the bone, dental surgery is required. If patients are particularly nervous or phobic about this, dentists can offer sedation so that patients will be able to be completely relaxed while this important procedure is performed.

The gum will be opened and a small drill will be used to create a space in the jaw bone in which a titanium post or screw will be inserted. The gum is then stitched closed once more and the patients receive a temporary denture to use while they are sent home for about 6 months to await the healing process. During this process the bone will fuse to the titanium and be encouraged to grow back, thus securing the implant in the jaw. Later an implant dentist will be able to secure a full set of permanent false teeth to the multiple dental implants. With these implants, patients can have the benefit of a strong jaw as well as a strong set of teeth that ensures they are able to enjoy all kinds of food and be confident in leading a more active lifestyle.

Disclaimer: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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