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A Unique Solution of Treatment to Straighten Teeth

Six Month Smiles Northern Ireland is an innovative teeth straightening technique that encapsulates the benefits of traditional braces in a much shorter timeframe than was thought possible, all without obvious appearance, making it favourable amongst many who are looking for a fast and effective way to discreetly straighten their teeth.

This treatment works by using wires that have a kind of muscle memory, meaning that after they have been repositioned into the incorrect alignment of an individual’s teeth by being fixed to brackets, they gradually move back into the correct position, bringing the teeth with it.

There are many benefits to this style of treatment that make it popular amongst those looking for a fast and convenient solution to the appearance and health of their misaligned teeth. By speaking with a dentist who works with this procedure, individuals will be able to discuss the advantages and any potential disadvantages that this treatment may have for their personal situation so that they are able to make the right decision based on their body.

What are some of the benefits of this style of treatment to straighten teeth?

Because the realignment of the teeth is consistent and gradual, rather than in short bursts as is with aligners or traditional braces, patients find themselves more able to deal with the discomfort that is typical with the necessary movement of teeth.

Other types of braces rely on a professional to manipulate the wires every so often to pull the teeth into their right position. This can take time that many working adults simply do not have.

Aligners avoid this situation and allow patients to move their teeth essentially in the comfort of their own home, however there is the chance of slight discomfort every time an aligner is changed. This is unavoidable and manageable, however a gradual and consistent pressure may be favourable in working through this.

The time frame is perhaps one of the biggest pull factors with this kind of treatment. 6 months is a very short time frame when looking at the bigger picture of enjoying a lifetime of healthier and straighter teeth. As with any kind of teeth straightening device, patients should look at the possibility of needing to wear a retainer in order to maintain the new position of their teeth, but this is a removable device generally that need only be worn at night or even just for a few hours a day.

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