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Have you Been Putting off Visiting a Dentist in Liverpool?

Across the country, the effects of the recent and ongoing global pandemic have been felt by almost every person to some degree. For many of us it has spurred us towards taking extra, positive steps to ensuring our health and wellbeing. Whilst exercising, and maintaining a balanced and healthy diet are key to ensuring a healthy lifestyle, it seems that many people have put their oral needs on hold throughout recent months.

It is said that our dental health is typically an indicator of our overall health, and, if our teeth are not properly maintained, it can often lead to far more severe issues developing. However, by making an appointment to visit a local, reputable dentist in Liverpool, patients are now able to have their dental health completely restored, so they can keep on maintaining their healthy lifestyles without having to worry how their oral health may impact them in the long run.

Ensuring and preserving your dental hygiene

Whilst cosmetic dentistry treatments such as teeth whitening and invisible braces have grown massively in their popularity over the past decade, these treatments are designed primarily to combat a superficial and surface-level issue or concern which patients commonly have. Treatments such as these have proven to have a positive overall effect on a patient’s self-esteem and outward confidence, although they do not necessarily preserve or protect their dental health.

This duty falls upon the dental hygienist, who specialises in all forms of treatment which are designed purely to preserve and maintain the oral health of a patient. Anyone who has recently been putting off a dental visit over the past few months ought to speak to a trusted dental hygienist within their area so they can preserve their oral health and keep their teeth healthy and happy.

What does a dental hygienist do?

The role of a dental hygienist is to examine, identify and rectify any signs of a deteriorating oral health, both within a patient’s teeth and their gums. One of the main duties of a dental hygienist is the identification and treatment of all stages of periodontal disease. Often referred to as ‘gum disease’ periodontal disease is the second most cause of tooth loss in adults (prior to accidental means) and can even cause other health complications throughout the body. Noticing the early signs of gum disease is one of the most crucial aspects of what a dental hygienist does. Often, one of the most common indicators that a patient’s gums are becoming infected is if they spit blood when brushing regularly. 

Thankfully however, expert dental hygienists are well trained in identifying and treating all stages of gum disease, although it is far simpler if identified early.

A scale and polish

Another key aspect of what a good dental hygienist does is a treatment referred to as a ‘scale and polish’. This is when a patient’s teeth are professionally cleaned and any buildups of plaque and tartar are removed, before being polished off using specialised equipment. Similarly to cosmetic whitening, the effects of a ‘scale and polish’ often leave the patient teeth looking visibly brighter and healthier. Unlike cosmetic whitening however the aim of a ‘scale and polish’ is to ensure that the patient teeth are as healthy as they ought to be – the brightness and lasting visible impact is just a bonus.

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