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Different Strategies to Use Instagram for Both SEO and Web Traffic

Instagram is currently one of the popular social media networks that have millions of active users. Instagram is special because it does not have a web-hosted version and all the activities can be performed only through a mobile application. Some of the marketers consider it to be a disadvantage as they might have to work hard for real-time opportunities. But the advantage that they will get is that they will be able to get immediate engagement with the followers.

You need to understand that you have to build your influence if you are interested in building the web traffic as well as search ranks. According to, 80% of the Instagrammers follow a business. Given below is a list of the strategies that will help you to concentrate on that.

Networking with Major Players

This is an important strategy for all the social media platforms, but you need to be especially strict about it when it comes to Instagram. An Instagram influencer is known to have a huge follower base and they are considered to be the leading authorities in a provided space. Chances are that you will find a top athlete from your city or a food critic. The most important responsibility that you have is finding out all these influencers and trying to engage them whenever and wherever possible.  With time you are going to build a great relationship and you will be able to build up an influence as well by the proxy. Gaining real Instagram followers helps in increasing the worth of your Instagram account.

Running contests

For a brand, nothing can gain as much attention as a contest held over Instagram. There are diverse options of contests available. For instance, you can opt for the like based contest, where everyone is going to like a particular image in order to get a prize. You can also go for the hashtag related content, where a specific hashtag has to be used during the entire promotional period. No matter what kind of contest you have decided to host, you have to think about the structure carefully. Also, take care of the prize and the rules, and ensure that they are going to generate buzz. If you are successful, the contest that you are hosting is going to get shared in various places, and you are also going to earn numerous new followers.

Creating a symbiosis between your content and Instagram

This is one of the best strategies if Search Engine Optimization is your priority. Content is considered to be the most important pillar of your SEO strategy, but because of the nature of Instagram, you will not be able to syndicate the articles in a traditional manner. Instead, it is your duty to make sure that your audience is capable of moving freely between the blog and the Instagram profile. Try to mention the blog in the Instagram posts, whenever possible. Ensure that the followers have a proper idea as to what you are going to offer, and allow the platforms to provide nourishment to each other.


With the help of these strategies, you should not be facing any problem in gaining followers and working on the SEO of your Instagram profile. It is true that it is going to take a little time, but you can be assured that it is going to happen.

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